10 Tips for Dealing With Self Doubt

self doubtSelf-doubt.
It's something we all deal with at various times throughout our life.

Can I accomplish the next thing on my list?
Do I really have anything to say?
How can I possibly make a difference?
Who am I to think I can do this thing?

The list can go on and on.  There is a psychology behind it all and various assessments, articles, and explanations.  Hit Google and you'll find a plethora of information.  My intention today is to offer 10 tips on how others just like you and I deal with it.  I am grateful that when I am wrestling with self-doubt I can pick up the phone and reach out to the wonderful women listed here and they graciously share their strategies!  Thank you all!

Don't deny the feeling.  I meditate, exercise, and stretch.  Then I find an easy win to get me back on track.
~Meredith Liepelt, www.RichLifeMarketing.com

I remind myself what I am capable of and look at my wins and big accomplishments.  I give myself a cheerleading pep talk.  Then I choose to focus on my positive attributes.
~Wendy Pasquale, www.TravelingWithAPassion.com

I ask myself “what's the worse that can happen if I do or don't do this” and then “if that's the worse that can happen can I live with it?”  I find a little “what if” helps every time.
~Katrina Johnson, Success Point Consulting

I keep a ravings account passbook in my purse where I record compliments I've received, quotes, accomplishments, and other accolades.  I can pull it out when I am doubting if I can accomplish something as a reminder of my personal power.
~A.J. Casey, www.AJCasey.com

I reach out and help someone else. I find that when I am inspiring and helping others I am open to being inspired & helping myself.
~Cheryl Burget, www.YourIntendedLife.com

I eliminate people from my life that create negativity & surround myself with those who are full of positive energy. It's one of the reasons I created Damesbond.
~Mary B. Relotto, www.DamesBond.com

I keep mind focused on what I know is true according to the promises of God. I choose to focus on His ability rather than my inability.
~Mary Jenkins, www.ChristiansOvercomingCancer.com

    1. I accept and acknowledge it, I don't try to fight it.
    2. I look for successes in other things I have done well.
    3. I take some action and seek out people that inspire me or find others I  can encourage.
      ~Edie Galley, www.EdieGalley.com

I sit in a quiet place and reflect on what I have done and the good traits I have.  When I look at how much I have going for me I realize that my current self doubt is just a glitch I am going through.  I remind myself that I've survived it before and will again.  I remind myself of my greatness and play the gratitude game.  I also surround myself with people who recognize the things in me that allow me to live up to my potential.
~Connie Suson, www.AwakenYourPassion.net

I call a trusted friend and share whatever I am dealing with and ask for feedback.  It's a great reality check.
~Beth Freeman,www.ChoicesColumbus.org

I make a list to keep in front of me of what I have accomplished to remind myself that I can do whatever is causing the doubt.
~Renee Belbeck, www.NationalAssociationofWomen.com

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