3 Elements Necessary for Living Your Personal Destiny

personal destinyDo you have a personal destiny?
Sure, we all do.
Destiny is a life's journey.

Our uniqueness, our individual gifts set us apart from one another. We all have a special part to play in the world and when we share those gifts we are living the life we are meant to live. I was talking with a friend who was amazed that someone she knows was able to write a song in an afternoon and set it to music within 45 minutes-without formal lessons or training! I agree that it's impressive and I could never do that. I appreciate and admire that this young lady is able to “own” her gift and bless us all with it. I reminded my friend that she also has special gifts and to let them shine. I am reminded of Les Brown (LOVE him & his message!) who talks about some who die an “un-lived life.” He is referring to those people who take their gifts to their grave, allowing fear to stifle them, never sharing them with the world. Please remember that your gift is always needed by someone, somewhere in the world…let it SHINE!

So how do we consciously figure it out? Our passions are breadcrumbs to discovering our destiny. There are 3 basic elements that are essential to guiding us along the path:

Intention-Attention-No Tension

Intention is the first step in manifesting what we want by consciously stating what we choose to create in our life.

Attention is when we spend time on or with what we choose to create in our life so it can begin to show up.

No Tension is being open to what is appearing in the moment and allowing God's will to move through us. When we hold tightly to our concepts of how things should be, we shut off the flow of life, which in turn prevents us from enjoying the fulfillment of living our destiny.

Here are some action steps to put these 3 elements into practice.

• Set aside some time to spend with yourself and really drop down into your heart, your core (*hint-that's where passion arises from ) to figure out what you really want in your life. Write it down.

• Find a way that allows you to give it attention. Carry a list with you, keep it where you can see it, create a vision board, whatever works for you.

• Consciously look at the opportunities that present themselves. Be open to whether something is a good fit, ask yourself if it will take you closer to or further from your destiny. Be true to yourself.

I would be honored if you share how you use this and the things you notice as you put it into action.

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