4 Ways an OBM Can Help You Stay Accountable

“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.”
~Paul Hawken

An OBM can do so much for your business like help you get organized, delegate tasks, break goals into actions, and help you figure out where to go next with your offerings and marketing efforts.

Did you know that an OBM can also help you stay accountable? An OBM isn't just a VA with some extra super powers. An OBM can provide organization, managerial skills, business strategy, and that all-important ingredient of accountability. Trust me, you're more likely to stay on task if you have someone else kicking your butt for you.

Here are 4 Ways an OBM can hold you accountable and help you reach your goals.

They'll help you break through your blocks. An OBM can help you break your massive goals and projects into actions, schedule those actions, and help you follow through by assigning tasks to your team and staying on you to do the tasks assigned to you. More often than not, overwhelm and self-doubt hold us back more from our goals more than any other challenge. It's so much easier to stay on track when someone has organized the project for you and expects you to do your part!

They expect you to succeed. You're more likely to do something if you know someone else is in there with you. You don't want to disappoint someone or show up to your meeting with your OBM like “Yeah, I didn't actually do anything. Sorry.” You wouldn't do that, right? An OBM believes in you and your business and knows that you'll follow through on your goals. That confidence alone can give you the boost you need to power through your to-do list.

You want your money's worth, don't you? When you hire an OBM, you want to get your money's worth. Outsourcing or hiring an OBM is an investment in your business, but if you don't do your part in the business, your OBM won't have much to do. That's just money down the drain, and you definitely don't want that! Money itself is a great motivator, but it's even more effective when it comes with a person. When it comes to staying on track to grow your business, a little money on the line works wonders for your motivation and productivity!

[bctt tweet=”Outsourcing or hiring an OBM is an investment in your business, but if you don't do your part in the business, your OBM won't have much to do.”]

They can check up on you. If you know you need a little extra help in the accountability department, ask your OBM to check in with you every day or week to make sure you're getting things done, and to see if you need any support. Many OBMs will do this anyway, but if you know you need that extra push, ask! Set up a weekly meeting, phone call, or even a daily text or email to keep you going. Or, you could even message your OBM when you're about to start a project and say “I'm going to get this done today, and I'll let you know when I do. Hold me to it!”

An OBM is an incredible resource for growing your business because they can take so much of the organizing off your hands and help you complete your to-do list by checking in on you and your team.

Are you looking for an OBM to help your business take off? I can help!

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