How To Set Up An Accountability System That Works For You

Most of us could benefit from some sort of accountability when it comes to reaching our goals. It's a rare person who stays productive with zero nudging or accountability from anyone or anything. There are lots of different ways to create accountability, and it's important to pick an accountability system that works for you.

Sometimes a simple written system is all it takes, but for bigger, scarier goals, you might want a whole group of people behind you, supporting you and rooting for you as you pursue your goal.

“Accountability breeds response-ability.”
~Stephen Covey

There are tons of different ways to get accountability, but here are some of my favorites!

Use a calendar 
For some people, writing things down, checking something off, or marking it on a calendar is all the accountability they need. If you want to exercise every day, you could put a big red X or sparkly sticker on your calendar for every day you work out. This can be really motivating, because seeing an empty day on your calendar might drive you nuts!

Find an accountability buddy 
Grab a friend or colleague and team up! Chances are that both of you could use some accountability, so find someone just as driven as you are who isn't going to let you off the hook (and do the same for him or her!). Meet up, call, or text each other regularly to check on each other's progress and provide a loving kick in the butt if needed. Accountability buddies are the best!

Put some money down 
If you're in a tight pinch, find your toughest friends and tell them you'll give them $100 (or whatever) if you don’t do something. They'll hold you to it! Investing in tools or training you need to reach your goals is also a good idea, because you'll want to get a return on that investment! We're so much more likely to follow through when we've invested in our success.

[bctt tweet=”Investing in tools or training you need to reach your goals is also a good idea, because you'll want to get a return on that investment!”]

Get a coach or OBM
Not only will an OBM help you get your shit together in the business department, they'll help you stay on task and get things done! If you're really serious about taking your business and productivity to the next level, let's talk.

Join an accountability group
If there's anything better than an accountability buddy, it's a whole bunch of accountability buddies! Accountability groups are wonderful because being around a whole group of people who are kicking ass is so inspiring. You can also pool ideas and resources, and it feels wonderful to have a bunch of people rallying behind you when you're discouraged or just having a rough day. Accountability groups have been instrumental in building my business and I can't recommend them enough! You can check ours out and possibly join us next quarter.

What are you favorite tricks to stay accountable and productive? Leave a comment and let me know. 

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