Afraid of making changes?

Why is it that making changes, even when we know it's in our best interest, is so freaking difficult sometimes?!?

I'm going to share a story about my garden, stick with me.

Garden 2016I planted an awesome garden this year. Tomatoes, green beans, summer squash, cucumber and zucchini. It flourished!

We harvested cherry tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers.

And then came the summer squash.

Except it wasn't! It was crookneck squash!! What?!?

Oh well, it was thriving and producing a lot of squash so I let it go. It overshadowed my poor zucchini but still, I let it go.

Morning HarvestThe day came to pick the first mature squash.

I was not really feeling it but I went ahead and prepared them the way I usually make summer squash. They didn't taste as good and weren't as tender. I ended up putting them in the trash. I was definitely disappointed.

That was yesterday. It's been on my mind ever since. I can't believe I bought the wrong plants. Maybe they were mislabeled, I don't really know. And it really doesn't matter. I now had a huge thriving plant that was producing a lot of something that would not serve me.

I know a lot of people might say, “well, you could grow them and give them away” or “maybe you can learn to like them” or provide a variety of other “solutions.”

discardedHere's what I did this afternoon. I cut it down and dug it up. There's even another squash amongst the many blooms and the plant

And guess what?

I won't be wasting resources (water, sunlight, energy, space) on that plant that wasn't serving me any longer.

I had a very limited garden area and it freed up a bunch of space in my little garden! My poor zucchini plant may actually be able to get some sunshine and begin to flourish.

free to growNow I am free to nurture my zucchini plant (I love zucchini!) and plant some things that will serve me and my family.

As I came back inside to work on my marketing plan for the remainder of 2016, I saw the correlation.

I have done something similar in my business over the last 6 months. I took inventory and found the services and areas where I was expending my limited time and energy on activities that were not serving me or my community. Those areas were producing income but they were draining in other ways. The zapped energy level affected my results in other areas.

Like the zucchini plant, I was beginning to wither. I knew I had to make changes. These were programs, services and relationships that I had spent a lot of time and energy building.  I was emotionally invested to say the least.

What to do, what to do? Change had to happen.

It was scary. It was hard.

It took more than an afternoon yet I am so glad I did it! It has been well worth it every scary second of it. I am now creating and growing the areas of my business that are in my sweet spot as well as serving my audience.


I'm asking you…
What you are spending time and resources on that isn't growing or producing the results you intended?

Tending to more of the same may feel easier, but it's going to leave you with a bounty of things that you don't want.

I can help you dig up what isn't serving you and plant something new.

Need help digging up what's not working and figuring out what to plant instead? Schedule Here!


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