Are You Bumping It Up?

bump it upI've been hearing chatter about an As Seen On TV hair product called Bumpits®. If you haven't heard about or seen them, you can check them out here when Ellen tried some out on a guest. The Bumpit website boasts “Celebrities, Beauty Queens, and Fashionistas are Bumping It!”  I have to admit I really did laugh out loud when I saw their commercial.  Bumpits, Mini Bumpits, Hollywood Bumpits, oh my!  What won't they come up with next?

Later, my mind began processing the general idea of a Bumpit. (Don't ask me why, it's just the way my brain works, I don't even question it anymore.)

Are there places in our lives that are flat and we would love to move them to the fabulous category?  Relationships, careers, spiritually, environmentally, financially?


Like the Bumpit (in theory), the steps we take to achieve that boost are not always evident to those around us, the results are what the world sees.  Unlike the Bumpit, it takes a bit longer than seconds to achieve the level and posture we desire.

Have you ever looked at someone you admire and thought they make it look so easy & effortless?  I guarantee if you ask them how they got where they are, they will say they have used a variety of tools to bump themselves up to their current level.  I'm also sure they will share with you they had to continually use these tools to get to a place of ease.  Coaches, seminars, books, courses, virtual assistants, mentors, accountability partners and support groups are just a few to choose from.  I have had the good fortune to meet and build a network of phenomenal people over the last few years.  I'm always happy to share whatever resource I can, let me know what you need.

Which areas will you be concentrating on this year?  Go wild…reveal your fabulous self!  The good news is that you don't need any hairspray or teasing and you don't have to be a celebrity, beauty queen, or a fashionista to bump, bump bump it up!

~I am neither endorsing or an affiliate of Bumpits®.

© Teresa Cleveland, The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox

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