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This week's guest:
Brittany McBean,

Brittany McBean - Episode 18

Brittany McBean is a launch strategist & conversion copywriter who specializes in high-converting, personality-packed, ethical copy for online course creators & creatives.

She writes all the best words, the greatest words, beautiful words. Bigly words.

She loves writing launches, funnels, and quizzes that make the big bucks.

When she's not teaching stealthy copy tips, daydreaming about funnel strategies, and trying to write clever'll find her chasing her toddler around the house screaming, "Stop eating that!"

After said child's bedtime, she's usually parked on her couch next to her husband, rearranging Trello boards, and binging Season 2 of The Office for the 147th time.

Her love languages are pizza, sarcasm & naps.

She'll talk just to hear herself talk, but you'll get the least nonsense out of her if you want to talk about persuasion psychology, conversion copy, her journey through infertility & mental health, and open adoption.

She believes in the Oxford comma and will fight you on it.

In this episode ~

Authenticity matters. On so many levels. If nothing else, there's the freedom to be who you are and not get bogged down in all of the B.S. of who we should be, how we should be acting, etc. Stop should-ing on yourself!

In this episode, Brittany and I talk about:

  • Her path to a mental health diagnosis that was incredibly liberating
  • How becoming a mom made priorities clearer and led her to showing up as herself, no apologies
  • How she decided to outsource help in creating a company that is charging 5 figure feed
  • Understanding the value you bring to the marketplace (which has nothing to do with your personal worth)
  • The responsibilities she accepts as her own (and those she doesn't) and/or how she contributes to them


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