Be The King or Queen of Your Own Web Domain

king or queen of your web defines Domain as:
domain  (dəˈmeɪn)
1. land governed by a ruler or government
2. land owned by one person or family

So it makes sense that we refer to your web address or url (i.e. as a domain, doesn't it? It's your “land/address” on the internet governed or owned by YOU.  You get to decide what you want to create & share with the world.

Once you add hosting to your domain, you open the doors to your inviting, informative & engaging space . You can invite people to come and find answers to the problems you can help them solve.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and others are great outposts where you can help grow your reach but that “land” is owned & governed by those very web domain owners. The same is true for popular blogging sites like & Blogger.

Forums and groups are great places to grow your audience as well, just remember that they too are governed by the organizations who own the land.

You know you've created a cool place to hang out…always remember to invite people back to your place for a great time!

Are you King or Queen of your own domain?

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