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I’ve been really into Facebook Live lately, especially for my clients. It’s so much fun to interact with your audience in real time!

Most of the time, you can only Facebook Live with a mobile device like a smartphone. If you’re doing an interview, you can only show one person at a time on the screen. As awesome as Facebook Live is, there are still somethings I wish were different, especially for business owners.

I don’t love holding my phone up or having to rig up a selfie stick to make my live broadcasts look nice and professional. I also like to interview other people on FB live, but I don’t love how it switched back and forth, only showing one of us at a time.


I love how user-friendly is. I’m the kind of person who loves to play around with new toys and programs, but a lot of people aren’t. has been great for my technophobic clients!

I first used BeLive to interview a client for her own Facebook page. This client is a little camera shy, but BeLive allowed me to easily facilitate the interview so she could get used to being on camera without worrying about running the video at the same time.

It was so easy! This is super helpful for doing Facebook Live interviews with guests who don’t want to fiddle around with Facebook. 

After that experience, I was hooked and started using for my own broadcasts.


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Why I love

  • BeLive allows me to use my computer to do broadcasts. I can also split the screen with an interviewee, or with several!
  • You can dress up your video with fun frames and borders. You can use their templates, but I prefer to make my own.
  • It’s a small thing, but I love that you can put your interviewee’s name on their screen so everyone can see who they are, even if they show up late to the broadcast.
  • If you have guests or even a whole panel, you can highlight whoever is speaking or make their feed take up the whole screen. So much better than trying to watch one person in a sea of faces!
  • You can highlight comments as they come in and put them on your screen so your audience can see what you’re talking about. This is an awesome feature for Q and A’s!
  • It even allows you to screen share, which is super cool because I can teach tutorials, classes, and show slides, all on Facebook Live. It’s so much easier than producing a whole video, hosting it on Youtube or Vimeo, then putting it on my site and Facebook. BeLive streamlines the whole process.
  • Makes it super easy to see audience comments in real time so you can interact with them. It feels like they’re right there with me!
  • Afraid of jumping on a live video and forgetting what you wanted to talk about? With BeLive, you can have an agenda on your screen to keep track of topics you want to cover in your video.
  • You can show photos from your Facebook on your screen.
  • You can show text over your broadcast. This comes in handy if your video is mostly for teaching, or if there’s important information that’s hard to say or spell.
  • All you need to use BeLive is a computer, a web camera, a Facebook account, and Chrome. Simple!

If you’ve been wanting to get into live video or if you’re frustrated with the limitations of Facebook Live, check out BeLive!

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