Growth Strategies Cafe - Beyond The Bullshit 3 - Teresa Cleveland & Sarah Khan


In this episode ~

Sarah Khan and I decided enough is enough and it's time to call out some of the bullshit in the online space. There are so many possibilities for your business (and ours!) and to get to the heart of it all, we believe it requires looking beyond current practices, manipulative messaging, and the mindset we bring with us.

This is the third episode of our series, Beyond the Bullshit.

Today, we're touching on:

  • There is more than one way to grow your business.
  • Is there a magic portal that opens at 12:00:01am on January 1st?
  • and wrapping up with Don't be THAT Girl

We would love to know what you think, so be sure to comment below. Also, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments if there's something you would like for us to call bullshit on!

Previous episodes with Teresa & Sarah:

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This week's co-hosts:

Teresa Cleveland, Growth Strategies Café

Building an online business has so many twists and turns. With so much noise screaming for your attention, figuring out your next best step can seem like a never ending slog through digital quicksand.


Drawing on over 13 years experience in the online world and in her no-nonsense and irreverent style, Certified Online Business Manager & Director of Operations, Teresa Cleveland helps female online business owners pinpoint why their business is not growing so they can make a greater impact & more money quicker - without getting bogged down in yet another course or group program - using her Next Best Steps framework via mentoring &/or strategy sessions.

Connect with Teresa

Sarah Khan, Lynchpin Virtual

Sarah Khan is an operations strategist and consultant committed to busting the BS in the online service space. Her expertise is in bringing clarity to chaos by helping ex-corporate, visionary women business owners identify and prioritize clear action steps to achieve their goals, while managing all the moving pieces of their business.

But her passion lies in rewiring corporate & employee mindset: the myths and "shoulds" of what it means to run a successful online business and the mental and emotional transition of moving from corporate employee to business owner in your own right. Through her grounded, pragmatic approach to business and leadership development, she sees through the FOMO, cuts out the "buts" and holds you accountable to your vision.

Connect with Sarah

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