Are your client relationships
everything you want them to be?

It’s thrilling when you land a new client. Getting the chance to work on a dream project from your new big-ticket offer? Heaven. You’re in the zone, doing the work you love to do. Best customer ever.

Until your dream client has become a nightmare. They’ve changed the deadline. Twice. Scope creep is becoming a daily thing and you’ve spent so much time dealing with the changes that you’re no longer on track.

You’re happy to accommodate a few minor additions, but now things are spiraling out of control. You’re not comfortable with some of the requested changes because you know they won’t be effective.

You’re frustrated and wondering how did this happen?

Clients don’t plan to be difficult. But they don’t know what they don’t know.

The Truth Is 
Your clients don’t know what you don’t tell them, and waiting until they’ve crossed a line- they didn’t know existed- can create an uncomfortable and avoidable situation.

The pros always seem to have the best clients. How do they do it?
Building the right foundation is key to attracting the right clients, deterring the wrong clients, and building those winning relationships over time.

It starts with a clear service offering. What’s included, what you’ll provide, with dates and deadlines. Let the client know what you’ll need from them as well. Setting boundaries and expectations before the work begins means the project gets started on the right foot.

In our 3-day Building Stellar Client Relationships Challenge, you'll learn ways to avoid client turnover, create clear communication standards, and build your reputation with testimonials and referrals.


Client Retention

It costs a company 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.


Client Communication

There's more to communication than when and where you're talking with your clients.


Client Testimonials

Some of the most effective sales messages come directly from your customers.  

I'm Teresa and I want to support you in building stellar client relationships!


Over the last decade, I’ve spent quite a bit of time helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, as well as growing my own. I know that building strong relationships with our clients is the key to our success and happiness. Not everyone has mastered or even realized how crucial this is to building a thriving business.

This 3-part challenge is jam-packed and will walk you through the most common issues that we entrepreneurs face when dealing with clients and how to avoid them.

Teresa Cleveland

Join me and get ready to start building better client relationships!

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