Creating a Business Based on What Lights You Up Teresa Cleveland + Sandra Julian


In this episode ~

This week Sandra Julian is sharing a pivotal moment about a year after she entered the online space.

  • Why she started her business 20 years ago.
  • What she was doing initially and how her business shifted along the way.
  • Realizing she didn't have to do what she had been doing, that she could actually build her business on the things that really lit her up.
  • How important it has been to discover parts of herself that she hadn't seen while she was head down, running her business all these years.
  • Business Systems Cheat Sheet

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This week's guest:
Sandra Julian, Business Coach & Systems Strategist

Sandra is an indigenous mama of 3, business coach and systems strategist who works with growth-stage online service providers, creatives and agency owners to build a streamlined and scalable business that creates raving, returning and referring clients.

She helps her clients identify key areas of growth within four core quadrants while creating a business that fits with their lifestyle. She also teaches them how to perfect their customer experience so they can create more loyal customers.

She loves getting to know her clients so she can understand their needs and help them reach the next level of success by providing them access to the resources they need along the way!

When it comes to creating a lifestyle where you have flexibility around your work schedule, she knows that with the right plan, structure, systems and support you can have both financial success AND freedom!

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