Business Tool Tips: Why I Love Zoom

I’m a techy girl, so I LOVE talking about my favorite tech tools and how they can help your business!

By now, you probably know about Zoom.

Zoom is a video conferencing system similar to Skype, Google Hangouts, or GoToMeeting, but loads better! It’s the only tool I use for meeting with clients or my team and for hosting webinars.

My new go-to for webinars and meetings

I used to be a die-hard GoToWebinar girl. I always thought I’d never use anything else, but when I tried Zoom several years ago, the simplicity and flow blew me away. As hesitant as I was to try Zoom, I fell in love immediately and never looked back.

I find other tools to be really glitchy, but Zoom almost always works perfectly. I rarely have sound or video problems when I use Zoom for webinars.

I’ve had video tools that seem to get glitchier the more people you add, yet Zoom can handle up to 100 webinar participants smoothly.

TIP: Here’s an odd little quirk that I’ve noticed with Zoom. If you ever log into another Zoom account (like a client’s Zoom account) you might notice that when you log back into your own account, the name on the other account still shows up on the screen. One of my team members had this issue occasionally (which made for lots of jokes because there was another Teresa Cleveland in the meetings!). To fix this issue, make sure you’re logged out of Zoom on ALL of your devices. Fixed!

Other handy Zoom features:

• You can also record your meetings to the Cloud and get auto-generated transcripts, which you can easily turn into written content. How cool is that?!

• Zoom works well on desktop or laptop, but it’s also great on mobile devices.

• The screen sharing feature is awesome! Super useful for webinars, team meetings, and training.

• Webinars or meeting participants can type comments in the chat. This makes it easy for a VA to help you with webinars and field questions while you talk.


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• Zoom integrates with different calendar systems and it’s super easy for clients or team members to schedule a meeting with you. You can monetize as well if your calendar system offers payment options, i.e. Acuity.

• You can broadcast a webinar to a Facebook Live or even YouTube. I love tools that multitask!

• You can do a live poll during webinars with text answers.

• It includes closed captioning options.

• Integrates with PayPal via Zapier if you want to monetize your webinar without a lot of hassle!


Some people only use Zoom for team meetings or to meet one-on-one with clients or an OBM, and others use it just for webinars. Some use it for both!

Zoom has lots of different plans to suit different needs. The price is reasonable compared to some other programs I’ve seen, ranging from free plans for those who just do meetings to up to $55 per month for those who host lots of webinars.

This is one of my favorite tools in my business and I use it all the time!

I love helping clients streamline their businesses with awesome tools like this. If you’re scrambling to set up systems and need some serious tech help, I’d love to help! Let’s set up a time to talk.

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