Back to Business: Get Your Business in Gear After a Summer Break

One of my favorite things about late August through mid-September is that back to school vibe. There’s a slight crispness to the air that signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall. There’s a newness that’s different from the newness of New Years.  

All the shiny new school supplies. New clothes. Excitement and growth.  

Whether you liked school or not, back to school time probably still conjures feelings of endings and beginnings for you.  

Even as adults, and especially if we have kids, back to school can still feel a little strange, even though we usually aren’t the ones going to school!  

Parents are scrambling to buy new clothes and school supplies and get their kids ready for the school year, but why should the kids have all the fun? Your business deserves a back to school boost too!  

Here are some fun tips from bringing that exciting energy of back to school into your business. 

Rearrange and decorate your workspace  

This doesn’t necessarily mean do a “spring cleaning” type office purge, though you definitely could! That sounds like a lot of work, and this is about having fun. Try moving some furniture around. Experiment with a different orientation.  

You could also add some new art or potted plants to your workspace to invigorate things.  


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New supplies 

Who doesn’t love new, cool office supplies?!? Everyone knows the best part of back to school is the new supplies! Go through your pens, your notebooks, and other office supplies you use regularly. Toss the dead pens and get yourself some nice new ones! If you’re using boring black office supplies, get some new ones in your favorite colors, or spruce up the ones you have. Bedazzle? Sure! Add washi tape? Go for it!  

Check out Poppin and scroll down on the left side to choose from their many colors of office supplies. 

Get a planner 

For a lot of us, a new school year meant a new planner. Whether you use pen and paper planners or if you prefer online project management systems, now’s a great way to evaluate and get something new! I use a combination of both. 

Or if you haven’t been using a planner, there’s no time like the present.  

Get yourself a method for keeping track of stuff or get a new one if your old one isn’t cutting it. I’m partial to Teamwork, but I know a lot of other people like Asana and Trello too.  

Get educated 

Have you been meaning to learn a new skill, or have you been eyeing a new course or certification that would be a game changer in your business? Now is a great time!  

Change up your work outfits 

If you’re anything like me, your work uniform usually consists of jeans/sweats and a tee shirt. That’s great and all, but sometimes it’s fun to get dressed up just for the hell of it! Do a little back to school clothes shopping for yourself and find some comfy, yet cute clothes to wear while you work. It will likely give you a boost in energy!   

The back to school excitement isn’t just for kids. You deserve a fun little autumn boost in your life too. Who knows, the fun might inspire you to try something new in your business!  

Need help getting it all done? We can help!  

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  1. Phyllis Nichols on August 11, 2019 at 5:22 pm

    You know of my office supply habit – poppin is a great when I need a fix.
    Great reminders for “back to business” season.

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