What Does Your Email Address Say About You?


Credibility Buster~Are you still using a free email address like You@yahoo.com, msn.com, gmail.com, etc? How do I know you’re a real business and not some scammer? Credibility Booster~ You@YourDomain.com is much more credible!   Which would you take more seriously? Careers@Nasa.gov or NasaCareers@gmail.com You can set your email address up to come into your gmail…

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Fowarding E-zines and Newsletters

e-zines and newsletters

Did you know when you forward your copy of an e-zine or newsletter through the forward button in your email browser that the person you forward to has the ability to unsubscribe you? It’s true! Subscribers have always been kind enough to forward their copy of  my emails to friends.  Recently, someone among the people…

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