Who Says?

Its a Beautiful Life

Love this video! Along with a fab message, lot’s of nice, brief shots mixed in throughout like: It’s a Beautiful Life on a marquee True Beauty is below the surface Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover Beautiful Me written in the sky and others as well…check it out & see what you think…

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Maybe…What If?

Self-talk.  We all engage in it.  When was the last time you took the time to actually listen to the dialogue you have with yourself. “I could never do what she’s doing.” “I’m always late.” “I might as well eat another donut; I’m going to end up looking like my mom either way.” “Who did…

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why am i talking

I just read about this acronym. WAIT-Why Am I Talking? It struck me as a very important question to remember. The person who shared it, Tom DeCaro, was using it in relation to when we are emotional, possibly saying things that we might regret later. I agree that when emotions are running high, it is…

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In Perfect Time


Whose timetable is it anyway? I noticed that Cheri, one of the women in my Passion Test master mind group, sometimes says “in perfect time.”  This is when she is talking about things that are on the to-do list or that may not have been completed as she would have liked.  As I really heard the words…

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Are you expecting?

Chances are you’re expecting something…good or bad…conscious or unconscious.  Begin listening to that inner dialogue…it will tell you all you need to know about your expectations.  I am a firm believer that ‘if you don’t like it, change it!’  Much like any conversation, you can choose to participate in or not, change the subject even.  Everything…

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What’s the secret?

Everywhere I look someone is trying to tell me a secret, sell me a secret, or share a secret with me.  I own the movie The Secret, several books on my bookshelf are touting titles about never before told secrets, my inbox is filled with articles like “The Top Ten Secrets of the Shiny Secret…

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