LinkedIn Connection Requests: Why do you want to connect?

LinkedIn Connection Requests

We’ve all received them…and probably sent them before we knew better. 🙂 Those dreaded mechanical, boring, default LinkedIn connection requests. I took the screenshot below of part of my LinkedIn connection request page a while ago with the intentions of writing this post. I’ve blocked pics, companies and names to protect those who I choose…

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Are You a Person of Interest?

hard to find

I’ve never seen the CBS TV show, “Person of Interest.” However I understand that the main characters are crime fighters who hone in on a Person of Interest who has acted in a way that puts them front and center on their radar as an individual who is likely to commit a future crime. Did…

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why am i talking

I just read about this acronym. WAIT-Why Am I Talking? It struck me as a very important question to remember. The person who shared it, Tom DeCaro, was using it in relation to when we are emotional, possibly saying things that we might regret later. I agree that when emotions are running high, it is…

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Act On Your Promptings

act on your promptings

It’s mid-to-late morning on July 4th as I write this. I just got off the phone with a dear friend.  She had been on my mind quite a bit recently & I was overcome with a sense of how much I love her and wanted to let her know.  Now, I’m sure many of us…

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Authentic Connections

I just got back from the Extreme Business Makeovers weekend on Monday.  WOW!  I am still looking for the words to describe the experience! Last night, I had the honor of being the guest speaker at the Everal Barn in Westerville to authentically connect with other women at the National Association of W.O.M.E.N. Columbus Chapter…

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