What to Do at $3500/mo in Your Business (and how to grow from there)

You Did It! $3500/mo

So, you’ve done it. You’ve launched a business, you’re working with a good number of clients, and you’re navigating the journey to profit that’s sustainable. Truth be told, $3500 / mo is no small milestone. Whether you’ve been cruising along for a while now, or maybe you gradually reached this milestone there’s one thing we…

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Metrics & KPIs: Where to start?

KPIs & Metrics - Where to Start

Ever heard that saying that what you measure grows? That’s all well and good, but do you ever wonder WHAT you should even be measuring?? Business comes with all kinds of numbers, metrics, analytics, and tons of other confusing terms and things you hear you’re supposed to be measuring. It’s easy to become so overwhelmed…

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Saving Time and $$ with SOPs

Saving $$ with SOPs

When you’re an entrepreneur, there’s nothing better than getting more done in less time. Every business has tasks that are necessary. Things that can’t be eliminated, but have to get done by someone. Somehow. The single biggest issue I hear from my clients is the lack of time to get everything done. Incorporating the strategy…

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How Free Sh*t May Be Costing More Than You Realize

How Free Shit May Be Costing More

“Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.” ― Albert Einstein We’re nearing the end of another quarter. Have you done a review of last quarter? I hope you met your financial, productivity and other goals. If not, today’s post may be just what you need to help you push forward this…

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Easy Button Solutions: Creating SOPs For Your Business

Creating SOPs for Your Business

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” ~A. A. Milne SOPs, or standard operating procedures, may fall under the category of “Things I’ve heard about and know I should be doing but haven’t gotten around to doing yet.” Sound familiar? Trust…

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Business Organization Tips for Non-Organized People

Business Organization Tips

Organization makes life so much easier, but maybe it doesn’t come naturally for you. And that’s okay! You’re not alone. I know some people who are just born knowing systems and have a natural knack for order, for breaking things down, and organizing the pieces. I also know people who struggle. Their spaces are always…

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What to Prioritize in Your Current Stage of Business


As humans, we go through different stages of life. There’s infancy, childhood, our teenage years, young adulthood, mature adulthood, and so on. Our businesses go through life changes as well and just as your priorities changed as you grew up, your business priorities should change to match your business’s current stage of growth. Have you…

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