How much money are you making REALLY?

How Much Money Are You Making Really?

Note: This blog post is written based on the way many people look at business finances. Those who have not yet implemented the teachings in Profit First.   Moment of truth: how much money are you actually making in your business? How much of that is actually PROFIT? If you’re like a lot of busy…

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I Love ~ Profit First

I Love Profit First

I Love is a series of posts about tools, books, and other resources that have been invaluable to me and my business, and I hope they help you too! There’s nothing worse than going through your revenue and expenses…and coming up short. Or finding that your profits are so tiny that you might as well…

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Don’t make these launching mistakes! What you need for a successful launch.

Don’t make these launching mistakes! What you need for a successful launch.

One of the most fun (and most stressful) parts of online business is…launching.

That word might strike fear into your heart, or it might have you doing an excited little dance in your seat.

After all, launching is exciting! It’s a rush! But it’s also a ton of work, and if you do it wrong—and even sometimes, if you do it right—it can flop and be a huge waste of time and money.

Though is it really a waste if you learned something? That’s another topic for another post 🙂

I see folks get tangled up in launches all the time, and I want to set a few things straight to make sure you’re prepared to launch successfully.

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How To Bring In More Business During The Slow Season

Unfortunately, summer tends to be a ‘famine’ time for some businesses because our customers are off on vacation or outside having fun, not investing in coaching or whatever our product or service is.  

So how do we avoid the dry season during the summer months? How do we make the most of times when business is slow? 

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Simple Steps to Starting a Membership Site

If you already have several info products that you’re selling separately, a great way to create additional recurring income is to create a membership site where customers can pay a monthly or annual fee to access those courses and any others you create during their membership.  

You can also add other value such as access to a Facebook mastermind group, monthly Q and A calls, or access to other exclusive content like resource lists and mini workshops.  

But how do you actually make this happen? What are the nuts and bolts to creating a membership site? 

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How to Get Started With Group Coaching

If you have knowledge that other people want that works best when catered to them, coaching is a great option. So how do you get started? Here’s a rundown of things you’ll need to consider.

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