CEO Central!

Your One Stop Portal to Your Key Business Essentials

Imagine this: 

  • A central hub that will give you some of your lost time back 
  • An easy to understand and efficient system for organizing business essentials 
  • Never having to hunt down anything when someone on your team (or, let’s face it, you) needs it 
  • Keeping your innovative ideas always in front of you - - so you never forget to implement

What if you actually knew where to find all of your important, frequently accessed files and information? 

I’m here to tell you… you CAN  have your shit together. 

CEO Central is the system I created to be a
One-Stop Portal for Your Key Business Essentials


Here’s why my students love it: 

  • A customizable, planned-for-you Trello template suite with labeled spaces to store ALL of your business essentials 
  • Plug and play organization in your own business 
  • A video walkthrough showing exactly how to set this up so that you and your team always have access to what you need 

CEO Central allows you to put ALL of the important information in one [easy-to-use] hub so you can free up your brain [and desktop] clutter & focus on what increases profit. 

A Central Dashboard is a
Creative CEO’s Key to Sanity

Giving yourself the freedom of a central dashboard is the simple & intuitive way to keep everything you need for business growth front & center.

Here’s just a few of the things you may need to have access to at a moment's notice: 

  • Business assets: logos, fonts, colors, complete branding guide
  • Personal info: Bio, headshots, photos, speaker sheet, intro videos
  • Legal documents: Terms and Conditions, client and vendor agreement
  • Goals: Track revenue, contacts, new clients, hours your team works, whatever metrics are important to you
  • Mission, Vision and Values: The building blocks of your business front and center
  • Team contact information: frequently used resources (Fiverr, Upwork etc.)
  • Membership credentials: including affiliate links and running promotions
  • Toolbox Table of Contents: Never again search for your shopping cart code, PayPal button, Podcast RSS feed, Apple podcast link, Schedule link and more

This tried & true organization system is yours, right here in CEO Central. I even walk you through exactly how to quickly begin setting this up. 

CEO Central
3-Steps to More Time & Less Stress

Efficiency > Wasting Time 

You need more time to focus on innovative ideas & building relationships with your clients/customers which means you don’t have time to consistently search for the items you’ve already spent time creating to get your business growing.
Don’t let clutter be the
set-back to growth.

Ease = Creative Freedom 

Onboard new team members or clients with ease, respond to issues in less time, and step into your CEO shoes knowing that you have a bird's eye view of the things that matter most to you. Believe it or not, that birds-eye view (and time saved) will give you the brain space to continue to be the creative voice & visionary to your business. 

Enjoyment > Stress 

No one likes losing things. Especially when it means recreating documents or spending important hours digging through chaos. Being able to access things from one place allows you to spend more time in the FUN parts of your business! Start focusing on what you LOVE and stop stressing over where you’ve saved that case study.

Don't Take It From Me...
Here’s what people like you are saying: 

“ Teresa! I love it! You are an organizational godsend. Knowing WHAT EVEN NEEDS to be documented and organized is overwhelming. And then knowing HOW to organize it all is impossibly overwhelming. You have not only told me what to organize, but how and where to organize it. “



Bren Prentice


Graphic Designer

“ Teresa helped me get a complicated (for me) process outlined recently and it was a game-changer. What was a huge source of anxiety is now a part of my business that works easily and provides consistent results. So thankful that she helped me understand how smoothly things can work. “

Phyllis Nichols


President, SoundAdvice Strategies

“ Wow - as a Trello nerd, I'm so impressed with how well thought out each of the boards and cards were. Having that dashboard with links to everything I use all the time - and links to other boards....genius. My mind was spinning with ways to tailor this to my business and I just kept saying, "why didn't I think of this before." Thanks for such an awesome resource at an amazing price. “



Wendy Hively

Owner & Designer  |  Charliemadison Originals

“ Working with Teresa has been instrumental to both my business and my mindset as an entrepreneur. Her no-nonsense, authentic approach cuts through the fluff and gets right to the heart of what you need to do to set your business up for success and scalability.  “

Katie T. Hanna


Copywriter & Content Marketer