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This week's guest:
LeeAnn Sims, Your Confidence Coach

LeeAnn Sims - Episode 29

From a size 24 to 6 and back again! LeeAnn Sims has been on THAT ride. She's been intimate with the varied perspectives and emotions related to weight loss and "yo-yo" diets. She's glowed with the excitement that comes with exchanging a dress for the next size down. She's experienced the embarrassment of having to exit a roller coaster after the attendant couldn't buckle her into the seat. How's that for confidence? What she has learned along this journey has become her mission's core message: Insecurities don't magically disappear with the pounds on the scale.

After losing at WEIGHT loss, LeeAnn has been on a WINNING streak. She's located the fountain of true confidence and has authored a book, navigating other women to that destination. The Weight Loss DIVA: Discover the Discipline, Inspiration, Victory & Acceptance Within You! gives "real talk" insight to finding and embracing authentic confidence. LeeAnn is the founder of Fit & Fab Lifestyle: an accountability community, where women can celebrate where they are while pursuing the best version of themselves; visionary and host of The Fit & Fab Weekend: an outlet for women looking for practical information and encouragement on their wellness journey; and creator of The Confidence Code Course, coaching women to face and erase barriers to their confidence.

This size-inclusive wellness advocate has been featured in SHAPE, Essence Magazine, various local media publications and appeared on The Today Show. Glowing with and flowing in confidence, LeeAnn has represented brands like Lane Bryant, The Loft and Athleta. She is a sought-after motivational speaker, philanthropist and resides in Maryland with her husband, Mike, who she affectionately and publicly calls her "king."

In this episode ~

Our level of confidence affects how we show up in all areas of our life. LeeAnn Sims is joining us today and shares some shifts that happened in her own business as well as how she went from a size 24 down to a size 6 AND back again, who she became in the journey and how she is supporting others today.


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[bctt tweet="How often are you celebrating you, right where you are? LeeAnnSims is sharing her take on the importance of this on today's episode of the Becoming a Profitable CEO podcast" username="TeresaCleveland"]

[bctt tweet="LeeAnn Sims is sharing some shifts that happened in her own business as well as how she went from a size 24 down to a size 6 AND back again, who she became in the journey!" username="TeresaCleveland"]

[bctt tweet="Your Confidence Coach, LeeAnn Sims, is dropping some details on celebrating yourself right where you are on today's episode." username="TeresaCleveland"]

[bctt tweet="Lack of confidence keeping you from tackling that next best step on your journey to becoming your best self? Listen in as Confidence Coach LeeAnn Sims shares her what happened on her journey." username="TeresaCleveland"]

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