Content Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming ideas is a favorite way for me to gain clarity. It’s a bit of yin and yang. I allow myself to think of and list every single thing that comes to mind. No editing. What do I want to write about? Or maybe the topic is videos I want to make. Whatever it is I just start listing whatever pops into my mind. Some of it makes no sense but I don’t let that stop me.

When I’ve written 30-40 ideas I’ll take a short break and then come back to it. Often the best things come to mind when all the “obvious” answers are out of the way. So I let them bubble up to the surface and try to think of at least 10 more.


These can be emails, blog posts (like this one), topics for videos, live streams, guest posts or podcast interviews.

TIP: If you use sticky notes, you can even color code for each area!

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Show how to do something or explain a concept or idea. Share your expertise. Explaining “how-to” is one of the most powerful ways to connect with others.


Feedback is always helpful. It’s a great way to find out what people find helpful, where your audience may be struggling and what they enjoy. Additionally, it’s a great way to crowd-source ideas. What topics are top of mind? What books are people reading? What podcasts do they enjoy?


We all find things that truly move us. A video or quote, or perhaps a story about someone who overcame adversity. Sometimes sharing what touches us is the most powerful way to connect. Perhaps it’s a favorite song or a movie. Shared experiences are powerful.

Graphic & Infographics

Pictures and graphics communicate in ways that words can’t. Infographics are ideal for breaking down stats or processes in an easy to follow method. Share your own photos and the story behind them. Why did you take it? How did it move you? Have some fun with it. Cat pics are popular for a reason!


We are listening to more content than ever. Podcasts are growing in popularity, audiobooks, online radio and of course music is part of our daily lives. If talking is easier than writing, then record your information. You can do it with free software and post it as a blog post. You can formalize it on a podcast, or participate in podcasts that others produce. Hearing your voice as you share ideas helps people further connect.


With YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook Live you can no longer avoid video. It’s a powerful way to connect. It’s also easy and free. If you’ve been avoiding this – there is no better time to embrace the technology and see the results.

Now that your creativity is sparked, sit down and have your own brainstorming session on how your topics fit into each of these areas. Once you start thinking of what you want to share, the how becomes so much easier!

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