Strategic Content Curation Workshop

Blog posts, email marketing, social media…the thing that fuels them all is content. And hopefully, that content is driving people back to you and your website again and again.

And of course, when they get there they’re looking for…you guessed it…more content.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you can only produce a limited amount of high-value content on your own.

It’s a fact that you have a limited number of hours to devote to content creation, but your audience has an endless thirst for information.

In our 5-day Strategic Content Curation Workshop, you’ll learn how to create and implement your own content curation plan.

You’ll understand how to leverage other people’s content in your marketing to expand your reach and reputation in new ways.

Each day you’ll receive a new module to help you develop your content curation plan.

  • Introduction to Content Curation
  • Set Your Content Curation Goals
  • Where to Find the Best Content for Your Audience
  • How to Curate Content in a Unique Way
  • Create Your Content Curation Calendar

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