Should You Be Writing Your Own Copy


In this episode ~

My copywriter, McKella Sawyer, is joining me this week & we're myth busting! When it comes to writing copy, many people think they have to do it all in order for it to be authentic.

Is that true?

We're taking that on along with a couple of other copywriting myths.

McKella is also sharing her process and some questions to ask in an interview when you are hiring a copywriter.


Mentioned ~

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Should You Be Writing Your Own CopyThis week's guest:
McKella Sawyer, The Cafe Wordsmith

McKella Sawyer is a copywriter and content strategist. Driven by her passion to help entrepreneurs connect with their ideal audience, she takes pride in creating content that expresses who her clients are and the true value they provide.
McKella lives in northern Utah with her family, cat, and houseplant collection. When she’s not writing for clients, she loves to write fiction, draw and paint, do yoga, and ride horses. You can find out more about who she is and what she does at The Cafe Wordsmith.

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