Have You Told Your Customers You Appreciate Them? Here’s Why You Should.

One of the most important elements of your business is your audience. After all, without them you wouldn't have a business! Why not show them a little love and appreciation? People love to feel heard, appreciated, and special. Your audience is wonderful, so show your customers you appreciate them!

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
~Melody Beattie

Valuing your audience–and showing them that you do–is a great way to stand out in the business world. Like any relationship, showing appreciation is key for keeping the bond strong and healthy. Think about your friendships. Are you more likely to spend time with a friend who cares about you, or one that seems more indifferent? It's the same in business. People go where they feel heard and valued.

Here are some ideas for showing your audience a little love.

Interact with them

Make sure that messages are getting answers and social media comments are getting responses. I understand this can be a big task if you have a large audience, but take some time to make a dent in your inbox or social media comments. Approach it with an attitude of fun, like you would if you were going to a party to socialize. This is also something you can outsource very easily to a virtual assistant, so there's no need to leave your inbox hanging!

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Send them a surprise gift in their email

Who doesn't love free goodies? Take the time to create a free content upgrade or other useful freebie your audience can download, or even just send an encouraging message from time to time.

You could even take this a step further if you have one-on-one clients and send a small gift in the mail!

Ask for help or feedback

This is a great way to get ideas for content and offerings, and most people are happy to help when you ask for it. You could send them an easy survey to make things simple for them, and then offer a prize like a content download or drawing entry in return for their feedback.

This will help you create the products and services your audience wants, give your audience a chance to share their thoughts, and you might even get some testimonials! It's a win for everyone.

Hold a contest

Hold a contest for a scholarship to one of your courses or a free session with you. You can also leverage this to get more followers, email signups, or engagement in your blog comments or social media accounts. Offer your audience a chance to be creative with their entries, like submitting writing or a creative image. Have fun with this!

Doing these things with a spirit of generosity and giving is a win-win for you and your audience. They get something valuable from you, and you get a valuable connection with them, potentially amazing insight and feedback, and mostly likely a new view on your business. Business thrives and feels best when you feel like you're truly serving your audience, and showing appreciation is an excellent way to reaffirm that. It also makes you more approachable, which can translate to more clients in the long run!

What are your favorite ways you show your customers you appreciate them?

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