Ignoring your audience?

Stay in touch!!You are ignoring your audience. (cue gasp)

Not intentionally mind you, but it’s happening all the same.

I know summer time is for slowing down, smelling the roses and lazy days at the pool. I’m right there with you. In fact, I could be the leader of our merry band.

But it’s still no reason to drop completely out of site, or be totally unavailable to those who want to keep in touch.

Here’s a few easy ways you can stay in touch while enjoying your own relaxed schedule.

Schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter etc. Set aside an hour one or two times a week (TIP~Put it on the calendar!) and share something helpful, or acknowledge something worthy that your audience will love. You’ll be online now and then to comment or reply so scheduling insures you’ll pop up in my timeline now and then. (hey nice to see you here!)

Once a week, pick one (or two or whatever number your schedule allows) contact(s) and send a short personal email. I was the recipient of an email like this from someone I’ve worked with recently and it was a lovely touch.

Pick up the phone and call. Write out a line or two, because you probably will end up leaving a voicemail. That way you won’t be wondering what to say. If you do reach your client, be concise and quickly get to the point of the call.

“Reaching out to say hey, I saw your latest blog post and I loved it… just wanted you to know” (or something like that) will go a long way to building rapport and a connectedness for both of you.

Send an email to your list. If you are saying “what list?” – check this out. If you don’t recall the last time you sent an email then it’s definitely time to send something. Need ideas? You can always record a short video tip or re-purpose a presentation you’ve given. Some of the best emails are a short note written from the heart.

Finally, send a hand written note. (cue gasp 2) I know, it’s old fashioned but a special client will never forget that you made the effort. Buy some pretty postcards and write a note while you’re waiting for the kids or the doctor or dentist. I promise no one else is taking a few minutes to do this. You can quickly communicate “you matter” to your peeps.

No matter the method, give them some attention and let them know how much serving them means to you!


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