Doing It All Syndrome

Creatives and entrepreneurs are free-wheeling, in the moment people, right?

  • Don’t make me adhere to a schedule.
  • Forget getting me to commit to anything more than a week out.
  • Do not expect me to do the same thing twice.
  • I can’t schedule my work, I wait to “feel” the right moment to start.
  • The moon isn’t in the right place or it’s in retrograde, or it’s going to be in retrograde or it just got out of retrograde.
  • I’m the only one who can do the work I do so it’s impossible to get help.

So obviously, upping my game has to wait or is completely impossible.

I’m a fan of paying attention to your inner guidance. Your own intuition is there to help you make decisions that are in your best interest.


But sometimes, we creatives can buy into our excuses when what we really need is some help managing the fear and the day to day.

Myth busting starts now!

The truth is running your own business or side hustle means it’s all on you. Deadlines and schedules can be abandoned but no one is going to come to your aid or pick up the slack if you bail and don’t get the work done.

The good news is that embracing processes is much easier than you might think. You’re probably already doing things in other areas of your life this way. For example, you might have a routine around food prep and grocery visits. Have you set up subscribe and save for regular household items? Online bill paying and automatic deductions are regular processes that save you time and keep you on track.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”lfWTA” via=”yes” ]Incorporating processes will give you more freedom, not less.[/ctt]

If you have a repeatable method for new client onboarding it will require less time and energy from you or your VA. It also ensures you won’t forget any steps, or omit something critical, like getting paid.

Batching work may not be a free-spirited approach, but it will let you get more done in less time. That means you could be free for an afternoon to tap into your creative work guilt free.

[bctt tweet=”Batching work may not be a free-spirited approach, but it will let you get more done in less time. That means you could be free for an afternoon to tap into your creative work guilt free.”]

Delegating is key to business growth. Even the most effective, productive person will need time off now and then. Think how nice it would be to spend time with the kids, take a quick trip with friends or attend an industry event without worrying about business issues.

That’s what systematizing and delegating does for you. You’ll be a better leader, and growth happens much more quickly when you focus on your zone of genius and let others do the rest.

I tried to do it all myself and for quite some time and I did it pretty well. I love my work, enjoyed my clients and didn’t mind investing the time required for growth. But I also stayed at the same revenue level for a few years in a row because the only way I could make more was to work more. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice time with my family.

Once I began delegating, I saw business growth and I got more done while working less. That’s not a cheesy sales claim. That’s my personal experience.

If you’re feeling overworked, burned out or stuck because it’s all on you, let me help. Being your own boss means you can decide how you want to work and it means deciding when it’s time to get put resources in place to help you grow. Set up a time to talk about leveraging your time and energy.


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