How Delegation Can Double Your Revenue

You've probably heard about outsourcing a lot, but maybe you're scared to take the leap.  

It might be because you're afraid of the cost, or maybe you just don't know how to get started. Maybe you're just so buried in tasks that you don’t feel like you have even five minutes to think about tasks you could outsource, let alone find someone to take the work off your hands.  

Maybe you feel like you SHOULD be able to do everything yourself if you could simply get your sh*t together.  

Believe me, I've been there, and I've heard (and lamented) just about every fear and hang-up in the book when it comes to outsourcing business tasks.  

These are all common fears, not only for entrepreneurs who have never worked with a VA or OBM before, but even for seasoned business owners.  

This trap of busy-ness and feeling like we don't have the time to do the very things that will actually SAVE us time and increase profits sneaks up on everyone. I've been there several times myself!  

If you're not convinced that outsourcing is the key to growing your business beyond anything you ever imagined, let's look at how working with a VA or OBM could potentially change your life:  

What about the online health coach who posts on her blog every week, sends weekly newsletters, posts on social media several times per week, coaches private clients over Skype or Zoom, and has an ebook available for sale? 

She's overwhelmed and decides to hire someone to format and publish blog posts, format and send her newsletter, and schedule her social media. All of that takes her about three hours a week.  

What can she do with those three extra hours? 

In the first month, she takes on a new client, whom she coaches once per week for an hour over Skype. She spends the other two hours on her marketing efforts, including a podcast interview and a few guest articles to pitch to popular fitness sites.  

She gains another client and sees a small boost in ebook sales after her interview and guest articles. With the extra money, she decides to expand her hours with her virtual assistant. The assistant starts creating SOPs for repeatable tasks, researching more interview opportunities, and managing her inbox. Once the assistant has the hang of that, our health coach now has freed up eight hours of time every week.  

Eight hours per week. That's a standard work day! What would you do if you had an extra day in your schedule?  

Our health coach continues her marketing efforts to boost ebook sales and gets one more coaching client, and she dedicates the rest of her time to creating her flagship offering: a high-end group coaching course, which is something she's always wanted to do, but never found the time to create.  

[bctt tweet=”There's a ceiling to our time and our energy, which limits how much we can create, how much we can give, and how much money we can make. Delegation raises that ceiling.”]

As her business grows, she hires an OBM to help her keep track of tasks and manage her team so she can continue to focus on business growth.  

Within the first 18 months and third round of the course, she's doubled her income and spends more of her time working with clients, creating course content, making videos, and talking with other health experts in interviews. Those are all things she loves! She even has a little extra time each week to spend with her family and on a new creative hobby.  

This isn't an unusual story. My own business expanded exponentially when I started working with a team and I often see this pattern in my clients and colleagues as well.  

There's a ceiling to our time and our energy, which limits how much we can create, how much we can give, and how much money we can make.  

Delegation and outsourcing raises that ceiling.  

Want to raise your ceiling AND you profits? Let's talk.  

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