Dream + ________ = Reality

I believe the Law of Attraction is a real deal, law of the Universe. No arguments here.

What I see so many people leave out is ACTION.

Identify it. Dream it. Imagine it.

Yes, you have to decide what you want.

Let’s say I want spaghetti for dinner tonight.

If I sit on the couch and dream of spaghetti, what are my chances of eating spaghetti tonight?

Perhaps my husband hears me talking about how much I would love to have spaghetti or maybe he sees the picture I have cut out & put on my dream/vision board. He might even bring home the ingredients.

My chances have definitely increased!

If I continue to sit on the couch, not much else is going to move me closer to my dream of having spaghetti for dinner.

Yes! I have an amazing husband who decides to make the spaghetti for me. He even brings it to me sitting on the couch.

I’m excited!! I have attracted spaghetti for dinner!mmmm...spaghetti dreams

Even though I did put forth minimal action, talking about it and/or putting it on my vision board, I achieved my dream.

Or did I?

It looks great! I take a bite and while it tastes okay, it’s not exactly what I had in mind. He used mild Italian sausage instead of spicy. He left out the red pepper flakes and the sauce just isn’t as thick and hearty as when I make it.

While I am definitely grateful for HIS effort, I have to admit that if I wanted what I dreamed of, I would have needed to take action MYSELF.

Had I taken action myself, I would have gone to buy the ingredients. I would have picked out the right sausage and red pepper flakes. If they didn't seem readily available, I would have asked someone where to find them. <—Pssst…another action!

It's the same with anything you want/dream. Big or small.

Inspirational speaker Les Brown wanted to be on the Robert Schuller program back when Les was starting out. Once he identified what he wanted, he then put it out to the Universe by telling everyone (with conviction, mind you)
“I'm going to be on the Robert Schuller Show.”
They asked, “When?”
He would reply “I'm not exactly sure. Do you know Robert Schuller?”
They responded “No I don't.”
He persisted, “Do you know anyone who knows Robert Schuller?”

One day, he met a man on a plane who became the bridge to Les getting to appear on the Robert Schuller program. They had the usual exchange as above. The man said his boss knew Robert Schuller and asked Les what he did. Les said he was a speaker. It just so happened that their speaker had just cancelled and the man asked Les if he would fill in and speak. Les confirmed that the man's boss would be present and agreed.

The story progresses and Les Brown eventually appeared on the Robert Schuller program THREE times.

SIDENOTE: Similarly, I always knew I would meet Les Brown. I didn't know where or when, but I knew it would happen somewhere, someway. I knew people who knew him personally but I didn't want it to be that way, I wanted it to be in a business setting.

Teresa Cleveland and Les BrownSeveral years ago, I had the opportunity to be his “go-to person” at an event I was helping to facilitate. The leaders of the event knew of my dream to meet him.  To say I jumped at the opportunity is an understatement. It was my pleasure to make sure everything went smoothly once he came down to the lobby. Of course I shared with him what an impact he had had on me and how grateful I was that he persevered and shared his magnificent voice and story with the world.

There are people out there waiting for you…for your voice, your story, your gifts and talents.

Making your dream(s) become reality requires action. The clarity, quality and diligence of your action determines your reality.

What specific action will you take today to make your dream a reality?

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