Be the drop, not the bucket

Lots of business gurus preach hustle and drive and pushing through. We’re told to burn the boats, make it happen and get out of our own way.

But what if they’re wrong?
I happen to think they are.
Or at a minimum, misguided.

What if we, instead, embraced ease and flow and worked with our strengths instead of against them. How about taking down the warrior image and putting up the winner image? Why aren’t we advocating for doing what feels right instead of pushing to do what feels wrong?

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If you’re a type-A, take no prisoners person who thrives on competition and challenge then the warrior/hustle vibe may work well for you. That’s awesome.

Many of us do not fit that mold, though. We’re entrepreneurs because we want to live our life differently. Strict schedules and a demanding pace are not our friends and lead us to fall behind. Cue the negative self-talk and feelings of not-good-enough. The next thing you know the awesome plan for the week is a wreck, we’re stuck in neutral and blaming ourselves for not being – you know – someone else!

It’s a crazy cycle that doesn’t serve us. It’s time to give it up and say yes to a method that does!

It reminds me of the story about the pail of water and the rock. If the entire bucket gets dumped all at once the rock gets wet, the water runs off and there’s no lasting impact.

If the water drips onto the rock one drop at a time until the entire bucket is empty? The rock will be permanently altered.

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