The Collective Energy of Spring – How to Make it Work for You

There’s something alluring about the promise of spring. It’s more than just warm weather and sunshine (for us in the northern hemisphere right now) it’s also about new life. New Energy.

There’s a collective energy that comes with the arrival of spring. Longer days, more time outdoors, open windows and new blooms. The colors, the freshness, things, people and communities coming to life. They all contribute to the energy of newness. We even have a name for it – spring fever. That time when you know you have to embrace the new season.

It’s contagious too. My neighborhood seems to be alive with kids playing in the yard, people outdoors planting flowers or just taking a walk in the sunshine. It’s impossible not to feel it or notice it.

Here’s where my new energy has taken me so far this season…

I’m gaining new energy by re-modeling my office. Since moving to this house, I’ve been working here and there with my laptop. It’s nice to have that flexibility. But I also know that I work best when I have a dedicated space. A place that allows me to focus on what’s important in that moment.

So I’ve been painting and letting my crafty side out to play. I’ve also had a desk made since I couldn’t find what I wanted.

My intention with this space is important. It’s where I want to work, but also where I want to share with you, create with you, and serve you. I’ll be doing videos from this space, using Zoom and/or Skype on my client calls and even live streaming on social media. This space is the place for important work and creating growth for myself and my clients.

Can you feel it? The possibilities!

Where can new energy take you today?

What can you update? It doesn’t have to be a big change. Maybe it’s time for a new poster or calendar that sits in your line of vision while you work. Perhaps a live plant or water fountain to bring in some natural energy?

Whatever you do, make it YOU and allow it to move you to where you need to be!

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