Fowarding E-zines and Newsletters

e-zines and newslettersDid you know when you forward your copy of an e-zine or newsletter through the forward button in your email browser that the person you forward to has the ability to unsubscribe you?

It's true! Subscribers have always been kind enough to forward their copy of  my emails to friends.  Recently, someone among the people they forwarded it to decided it was not of interest to them and they hit the unsubscribe button, thus unsubscribing the original sender.

Email marketing companies like iContact come with a ‘Forward Email' link  just below the e-zine.  When you use that button, your friends receive a message with the forwarded copy saying that you thought they may find value in the e-zine.  They are also alerted to the fact that they have not been subscribed to anything and they are given the option to subscribe if they would like.

Please keep this in mind when you forward mine or any other valued e-zines and newsletters you receive so you will continue to stay connected to the information you have chosen to receive.
Thank you to everyone who forwards my emails, that is one of the biggest compliments you can send my way!

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**I only recommend and have affiliate relationships with companies I trust to deliver the best experience for my clients and visitors.  iContact is one of those companies

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