Goals seem out of reach? Try this!

Welcome to 2018! I hope your holiday season was everything you wanted it to be and filled with opportunities to reconnect with those you love.

Are you ready to get back to business? I know I am!

This time of year many people are talking about resolutions, intentions, goals, and the like. Whatever you call them, I know they are important to you. They allow you to move forward, creating a business and life that serve you and the world we share.

Let's GO!

Some people can keep themselves in line when it comes to getting stuff done and reaching their goals, but others need some sort of accountability system. This can look different for everyone! Some do best with a group to keep them accountable while others prefer a good friend, a coach, or a business partner. There are also those who do just fine with visual accountability like a planner or checklist. It's important to create a system that works for you, as long as you have some way to hold yourself accountable.

Here's why accountability so important.

What we won't do for ourselves, we'll often do for others.

A lot of us are conditioned to be more likely to do something for other people than for ourselves. When we're working for someone else, we're more likely to stay on task because someone is counting on us. You've probably worked for someone else before. Wasn't it easier to consistently get work done then than it is now that you're an entrepreneur? Most people would say “yes!” We hate disappointing others, but it's easy to justify procrastination when we're the only ones making sure our things are getting checked off.

When we're our own boss, no one's breathing down our necks to make sure our to-do list is growing smaller. We have no structure except the one we create for ourselves, which means a lot of us are running around with no structure at all!

How to take advantage of accountability.

We could hem and haw over the injustice of adhering to outer expectations rather than our own, but I find it's more productive to harness this natural tendency. The truth is, the majority of people benefit from some sort of accountability and external structure. As entrepreneurs, it's up to us to create that structure and find the accountability we need to perform at our best.

Accountability can help us stay on task to avoid disappointing someone, replicating the built-in accountability of the workplace.

[bctt tweet=”The truth is, the majority of people benefit from some sort of accountability and external structure.”]

Accountability can come in a lot of different forms. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Try a to-do list app with reminders, or just set reminders on your phone.
  • Mark things off of your calendar.
  • Keep your to-do list where you can see it, and cross things off as you go.
  • Try teaming up with a friend who won't let you off the hook. Send them daily or weekly updates on your progress.
  • Join an accountability group or mastermind.

I've found that accountability is the most important factor in my productivity, and this seems to be true for a lot of people! That's why I've put together the Get Results Accountability Intensive. I've created a space for you to focus on your goals, stay on track, and figure out how to move through the roadblocks that spring up. We start next week, I'd love to work with you. Check it out to see if this is what you need to get your 2018 off on the right foot!

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