What if growing your list was easy?

Thanks for the feedback about growing your list. With your blessing (I hope) I’m going to talk about it a little more. Think of it as list-building with a twist!

As time has gone on in my business, I’ve had better results when it comes to growing my list, but a while back I really struggled with it. I wasn’t sure how to get people to opt in and once they did, I wasn’t always sure what to send.

Plus, things changed. I started building websites 8 years ago. That’s like 2 generations in internet years. For much of that time I focused on a very specific market. Then I expanded to other types of sites, email marketing and speaking at events.
I wasn’t always sure that all those people would like the same things. And I found myself interested in doing webinars and video and and and….

For a while there – I didn’t send out anything. I was gripped by indecision so I did nothing. That didn’t feel good either. It made me fret that I wasn’t serving the way I wanted to and that I’d let you down by not sharing the journey with you.

Epiphany time!What if growing your list was easy?

I realized that I just needed to be me. Share what was on my heart and mind and let you decide. Unsubscribe is at the bottom of every email so no one was being held captive. Either my emails resonate or they don't. And either way, it's not a bad thing as long as I am offering valuable content that my community can use.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”EoFBD” via=”yes” ]Either my emails resonate or they don't. And either way, it's not a bad thing.[/ctt]

Whew! You can probably imagine the weight that was lifted from my shoulders and mind!! The freedom has been, well…freeing!!

The community of people on your list are there because they want to hear from you. Serve them. Help them. Let them know you care. 4 will become 40, 400 or 4000 before you know it. If some unsub along the way, they've either outgrown your or decided to go a different path. Again, that's not a bad thing…about you or them.

So what if you decided that it’s easy? What if you knew for sure that people will find you and sign up or reach out and connect? How would that feel?

What would you do differently?

Start doing THAT.

Today would be a good time to begin.

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