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Let's get right to it.
Do any of these scenarios feel familiar?

  • You're exhausted from taking courses that end up adding even more tasks to your ever-growing to-do list
  • You don't have the time to bring on more team members let alone train them
  • You don't have another 12 weeks or 6 months to have the info you need dripped out to you in yet another course

No, I haven't been spying on you

Unfortunately, it's just not that uncommon.

So many of us have been there, juggling all of the things,
doing our best to get our footing and build the business we've dreamed of.

What you want:

  • A growing list full of perfect fit prospects
  • For them to know without a doubt that YOU have the solution they've been looking for
  • To make more $$

What you need:

  • A lead magnet that your audience can't wait to take action on (and No, it doesn't have to be a pdf download!)
  • A challenge that leads your prospects to a quick win while showcasing your expertise
  • An offer that brings in a fast influx of cash

What's standing in your way:

  • You either have no idea what your lead magnet should be or you have a lot of ideas but you're having a hard time choosing which one would be best
  • You have no idea of all the steps & assets necessary (and even if you did, you don't have the time to create them all!)
  • Tech is not your thing

What ends up happening:

It all keeps getting pushed further and further down your to-do list because you have so many other things that need your attention, your list and visibility are not growing and neither is your bank account.

Get Shit Done Days


Experience the massive power of dedicating a day to getting any one of these pieces set up and begin promoting it!

With GSD Days, you'll be working directly with me. No need to add a team member, you won't have to train me, and we'll get it done much quicker.

We'll work together so I have a complete understanding of you and your business, making this a smooth, streamlined process.

Choose from these 3 options

Lead Magnet

  • Brainstorm your lead magnet topic
  • Create your nurture sequence
  • Opt-in form created & added to your site
  • Nurture sequence scheduled

Facebook Challenge

  • Brainstorm your Challenge idea
  • Mapped out from opt-in to challenge end
  • List of all assets needed
  • Set up in your Facebook group

VIP Days

  • VIP Intensive planned out
  • List of all assets needed
  • Set up on your website
  • Complete workflow set up from inquiry to onboarding

Get it set up so all you have to do is show up!

Why GSD Days?

You're good at what you do but setting this stuff up is not what you signed up for.

I'm a problem solver and I've been getting shit done online for over 12 years, it's part of my genius. I love all the parts you don't.


If you're ready to make things happen in your business,
I'm your girl!!

You're going to be amazed at how much we get done in a day!

What It Looks Like

I'll be there to support & guide you throughout  the process.

Connect & Clarify

Schedule your initial call and we'll connect via Zoom to discuss exactly where you need the most help.

We'll set the date for your GSD Day & I'll process your payment to reserve our time together.

Collect & Strategize

In your private portal, you'll find everything you need to get started.

We'll touch base to go over the info you provided in your prep packet, answer any questions to make sure the strategy for our GSD Day is clear on track.

Collaborate & Create

On the morning of your GSD Day, we'll meet first thing in the morning to go over the details that I've mapped out for your specific needs.

Next, we'll break so I can put everything in place. 

We'll come together in the afternoon to walk you through what I've created.

Consult & Support

Following our GSD Day, you have 7 days of email support. You also have a 60-minute consult at your disposal to use within 30 days. You'll be able to ask for clarification about anything related to what we've worked on together and any of the recordings and docs that were provided to you.

Your GSD Day Includes:

  • Prep Packet

    Once your payment is processed, you'll receive an email with login details to your private portal where everything you need to get started awaits your arrival.

  • Touch Point

    Based on the info you provided in your Prep Packet, we'll touch base to finalize our agenda for your GSD Day 

  • Your GSD Day

    We'll meet first thing in the morning and the day will follow the agenda that was created in our strategy call. If your GSD Day package includes multiple days or sessions, those will follow the agenda provided as well.

  • The Goods

    You will receive all documentation, recordings and training material within 48 business hours to ensure smooth sailing as you begin to navigate your new process or system.

  • 7 days of Email Support

    During the 7 days after the conclusion of your GSD Day package, you are welcome to reach out via email with any questions you may have.

  • 60 minute Follow up Call

    Following the conclusion of your GSD Day package, you'll have a 60-minute follow-up call at your disposal. You're welcome to schedule any time within 30 days.

So who am I & why work with me?

Hi, I'm Teresa!

The online space has been my "office" for over 12 years now. Oh, the stories I could tell!

I fell in love with the online business world and the incredible community of other female online business owners I have had the privilege of meeting. Their businesses range from startups to 7-figures with diverse backgrounds and offerings.

I believe we can all make a difference and that having a successful online business is one of the best ways to do that.

One of my gifts is being able to see patterns and how things within those patterns drive the bigger picture forward or cause them to break down. Being the inquisitive girl I am, I began diving down, deeper and deeper to get to the core of the operations or systems that contributed to the success (or lack thereof) of many online business models.

With a 30k foot view, I can see the big picture and break it down into all of the steps it takes to bring it to life.


What I've discovered is that creating a business is the easy part. When it comes to growing it and maintaining it, there are some fundamental pieces that are necessary.

Something else I've noticed is that not everyone who starts a business understands or is even aware of the actual business side of things. They're good at what they do and simply don't know what they don't know, which is completely understandable.

Once I figure something out, I cannot wait to run out and help others bypass the pitfalls and provide them with a quicker path to the success they are looking for.

That's what lights me up!

Combining the experience and wisdom gained, I am thrilled to be able to provide my clients with the strategy to grow their business along with the operational foundations to make it sustainable.

I can hardly wait to work with you to make your vision a reality!

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