Happy 2016! What now?

Happy New Year!!

I hope the first week of 2016 has treated you fabulously. Here at The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox things are going great. I’m doing a little “remodeling” and I’m loving the new look. It simply feels right for me and the community I serve!

In December, I shared 4 weeks of Kicking Some Business Planning Booty goodness with some “getting started” and “getting organized” type activities. The feedback has been great – and I'm glad so many found it helpful.

If you didn’t register for them, or couldn’t tackle it just then, you can still register for them here. It's never too late to create a business plan and make the changes in your business to make a greater impact and increase your bottom line. Isn't that what we all want ultimately?

What Now?

That’s the question I’ve been hearing lately.

Depending on where you are – the things you need may vary…

Start up or Start Over

Business basics are key here. It’s hard to launch a big new thing if you don’t have the foundation ready. Things like knowing your ideal client, websites, email lists, and a clear message from day one (or as soon as you can) will make everything much easier. Taking time to do it now, means making money sooner, faster and more effectively.

Ramped Up

If you’re here – most often you’re making money (awesome!) but are probably feeling pain when it comes to time and your personal resources. This is the stage where you have to start delegating and/or putting systems in place. I know you're Wonder Woman – but even she gets help now and then. Identify what you (and only you) can do and start making a list that you can hand off to a VA, or friend or family member. Leveraging your time is going to be the single biggest money maker for you this year.

Where are you?

What is your biggest need today?

Are you being strategic with your time and game plan or reacting to whatever hits your inbox, voice mail and text?

Taking inventory of where you are, what you have in place to support you and filling in the holes is crucial at this point. No one wants to start the year with great ideas and intentions that get lost in the chaos.

In Closing…

Keep an eye out next Wednesday for my next post. I'm going to share how I will be supporting entrepreneurs to make 2016 their best year yet!! I'll even share a look behind the scenes of how I went from chaos to clarity. It's been a very empowering and freeing experience!

Until next time,

Wishing you joy, ease and mucho dinero!!
Happy 2016!

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