How To Get Your Message Out To The World

how to get your message heardYou have a compelling message. How do you get people to listen?

One of the simplest ways is to share your information where your ideal clients or target audience hangs out.

It doesn’t matter if you want to sell something, get people to volunteer or engage a group of like-minded people around a hobby, cause or event. It’s never been easier or more cost effective to reach people who are interested.

You have to know who. Believe it or not, not everyone likes funny cat videos. Knowing who your people are is step one. Once you’ve got that figured out – ask them (or pay attention) to how they like to engage.

Are your people big social media users? Are they in specific geographical areas? Do they like to read or does video work better? How about emails vs. phone calls vs. in person events?

In the grand scheme of things there are no right or wrong answers. But I know that some things resonate better than others depending on age, comfort with technology, skills and available time.

If you are looking to target busy executives for example, you’ll do better with a personal email or phone call or a message via LinkedIn.  They aren’t likely to be on Facebook or Instagram.

Searching for women who want to volunteer? Facebook groups and would be the places to research.

Once you’ve found them – how can you engage?

  • Ask questions. Given the change they’ll share what’s bugging them, what they like and what frustrates them.
  • Do a short survey.
  • Mix up the style. Use video to draw in people who prefer that medium.
  • Be a guest on a podcast. This is a great way to reach people who are really engaged in specific causes/topics.
  • Host a webinar where you teach something new, or share great resources.
  • Speak at an event that your audience attends.
  • Guest post. Lots of blogs supplement their content with guest writers. It’s a great way to reach new people who share your interest.
  • Go to a class, meeting or networking event. This still works if you do it right. Pick a group that’s shares your interests. There are groups for all types. Stay at home dads, want-to be writers, theatre buffs, knitters, cyclers, people who only eat raw veggies. Seriously, you can find a group that loves what you love and would be happy to get to know you.

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Demonstrating that you understand them and how you can help them. That’s always going to be a winning topic of conversation. Remember, conversation is key. I heard someone say once that no one ever hangs up (or walks away or clicks away) while they're talking about themselves. It's true. Engage your audience and get them into the conversation, online and off.

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