How to Have More Fun in Business

Has working on your business become a slog?

I get it. Most of the time, my business is my happy place. I actually love Mondays. They’re my favorite day of the week! But sometimes, I just get in a rut and work feels less fun and more like…well, work.

Yes, business is a lot of work, but it should be fun too! Most of us start businesses because we're passionate about something, but sometimes the paperwork and taxes and uncertainty and all the to-dos pile up and block our view of why we started in the first place. We get wrapped up in the details and lose our sense of fun.

So how do we rekindle that old spark?

How to have fun in business

Be yourself

Too often, entrepreneurs do what they think they “should” do and project an image of themselves in their business rather than actually being themselves.

This is something I see a lot with entrepreneurs, actually, and it's a leading cause of boredom and frustration in business.

Trying to be someone they're not results in a fake persona that shows up in their marketing, messaging, and sometimes even in their products. Not only does this make things stressful, inauthentic, and un-fun for the entrepreneurs, it often turns off the customers!

Your audience knows when you're being fake, and your true fans don't want some watered-down version of you. They want YOU, full octane, with all your quirks and experience and your true voice.

Get really honest and ask yourself if you're truly being yourself in your business, or if you're trying to be someone else. If you realize you've been faking it, it might be time for some changes. These don't have to be big changes, just gradual ones in your messaging, the way you do videos, or it can be a total rebrand with a color change and shiny new headshots. Whatever feels best for you.

Choose your clients carefully.

I'll be frank: If you don't like the people you're working with, business isn't going to be much fun for you. Nobody likes to work with people they can't stand or dread talking with.

This might not be an issue if your business is based on scalable income and you don't necessarily interact with your customers, but if your work is client-based, carefully choosing who you work with is going to make a huge difference in your happiness level with your business.

If you haven't done it already, write down traits you'd like your perfect clients to have. Are they funny? Easy to talk to? Organized? Do they swear a lot? Are they bubbly and talkative or more reserved? Figure out who you really want to work with and remember these traits before you say “yes” to a new client.

Taking any and all work that comes your way is a surefire way to burn yourself out in business. Hold out for the clients you really want, and you'll fall in love with your business all over again!

[bctt tweet=”Your audience wants YOU, full octane, with all your quirks and experience and your true voice.”]

Reconnect with your “why”

Sometimes, we fall into the trap of working just to work. There's always a ton that needs to get done in any business; either you have a ton of client work to do and products to make, or you're marketing in order to actually get clients and customers (or all three!). Sometimes we focus so hard on those things that we forget why we started.

Take a few minutes and remember what you were like when you first started your business. What was your dream for your business? Why did you decide to start your business? What was your dream for your lifestyle?

This might be enough to reconnect with that initial sense of fun and adventure, but if you find that your current business and lifestyle is a far cry from where you originally wanted to be, it might be time for some adjustments. Maybe you need to pivot in business, shift your focus, or outsource some tasks to free up time and brain space for the stuff you really do enjoy.

Find a project you're excited about

If you've been offering the same service or products for a while, it might be time to change it up! Try changing the format of what you do, or maybe identify something you'd like to learn so you can offer it to clients as a service.

If your income primarily comes from infoproducts, consider opening up for some private coaching clients. If you mostly coach or offer a service, maybe it's time to make an infoproduct! Brainstorm ideas for changing things up until you find a project that gets you excited!

Spruce up your workspace

Sometimes all you need to brighten your mood is an adjustment in your environment. If you usually work in the same place, try mixing it up this week. Work outside on your patio if you have one, or spend an afternoon working at the coffee shop down the street.

If your workspace is a disaster, cleaning up can be a huge mood booster. Clear away the clutter, open a window, run a dust cloth over the desk, and try adding some fresh flowers to your office. Consider lighting a scented candle or playing some different music to add some sensory interest to your space.


Another common reason why entrepreneurs stop having fun in their businesses is because they're burned out. Burnout is real, and it can suck the fun out of your life faster than just about anything. If you're constantly tired, fighting off brain fog, or if it takes you hours to finish tasks that used to take you ten minutes, it might be time for a break! Plan some time away from your business to recharge. Read more about how to use your time off here.

Business should be fun. Otherwise, what's the point?

Need to get your sh*t together so you can have more fun? Let's talk.

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