I’m Not Sure My Job Is A Good Fit Anymore

Recently I had the opportunity to work one-on-one with a client who felt restless in her job.  She is happy to share her experience.  Due to the delicate job climate we're in and to maintain her privacy, we'll call her Chloe.

Chloe shared that she only had a few years before she retired.  She didn't want the added responsibilities of moving into a management position but she just wasn't clear whether she wanted to look around for something different or stick it out for the next few years.

As we worked through The Passion Test process together, Chloe came up with her top 5 passions, the things that are important to her right now:

  • Maintaining mental & physical health while aging gracefully
  • Time together with husband
  • Enjoying financial security
  • Spending meaningful, fun time with grandchildren
  • Laughing & sharing memories with entire family

As we looked at the list, Chloe found a renewed sense of appreciation for her job!  The demands of her job have not changed but she has been able to focus on the benefits she experiences.  You see, she has a considerable amount of flexibility in her current position that many do not.  She saw with fresh eyes that the job actually empowers her to spend time doing the things on her list, like picking up the grandkids from school if they're ill or attending a school function during the day if need be.  She has enough seniority that allows her to take several vacations, spending time alone with her husband as well as time with family.

Isn't it nice to know that aligning with our passions doesn't have to mean we have to upset the apple cart and get a new job, leave a relationship, or move to a foreign country?  Sometimes it's as simple as adjusting our perspective, refining our focus to be able to see more clearly where we want to be. That can definitely add a spring to our step!

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