Who Are You? Where’s Your Bio?!?

who are youWhere’s your bio? I've often said that the home page is where you let people know they are in the right place and the bio or About page is where you let them know they are working with the right person. I’m surprised at the number of websites I visit who do not have this important page. It’s another piece in your credibility puzzle.

This is a great place to toot your own horn without blowing it. People ask me all the time what to include on this page.

“If I was a landscaper back in ’76 should I include that?”

Maybe. Does it mean anything to your audience? Are they landscapers or do they landscape in their spare time? Keep in mind that this isn't the place for a resume, it’s an opportunity to connect and share what’s relevant about you in connection with them.

What makes you the expert in what you’re doing now? Who are your mentors? Include some personal details as well. What do you do in your spare time? Showcase testimonials, pictures of you with your mentors and other industry leaders, certifications, and associations.

Skip the corporate speak. I’m not saying you shouldn't present yourself and your company as professional. Simply remember to speak the language your audience understands. Avoid using buzz words and words that are strung together to create a puffed up, meaningless sentence such as:

“Sue Jones is known for her amazing work in helping redefine superior service performance company-wide in areas important to the organization.”


Be someone they can relate to.

Be sure to include your professional picture and consider sharing some personal ones as well. Let visitors see you are a multifaceted person enjoying your life. It’s very attractive.

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