While you’re looking for opportunities…opportunities are looking for You!

opportunity aheadSometimes we are so busy looking for opportunities, we don’t realize opportunities are looking for us.  The 3 resources listed below will send opportunities directly to your inbox.  Look carefully at the listings & requests to see how your area of expertise may fit.  For instance, if you have an auto repair business, could you respond to an article about Summer Fun?  Absolutely!  Create a list of 10 car games that keep kids busy while on a road trip or running errands with mom.

A little bonus for me in receiving these is that many times, I see something that is a great fit for an acquaintance or client.  I pass it along with a note that I thought they might be interested in the opportunity to shine.  I love being able to put people together with ways to succeed!  Double Bonus: Do you think they see me as a valuable connection?  While that’s not why I do it, it is a natural result.

Receiving and responding to requests from these services, I have become a repeat contributor to Mike Michalowicz's Toilet Paper Entrepreneur blog, Carol Roth's Tough Love for Business blog and I have contributed a chapter to the book Business, Business, Business! for sale on Amazon.

Be sure to share how you are featured once you begin using these tools!


This shows up in my inbox 2-3 times per week.  Along with requests for needed posts, Cathy includes posts that are available for you to use (great way to collaborate & get your site in front of others-ask me how) and a variety of other interesting material.

Help A Reporter (HARO)

HARO was the first of the those listed here to put this type of service together and shows up 3 times a day~morning, midday and evening editions.  There are generally a good variety of requests, remember to look at them with an open mind as to how you could lend your voice.

Source Bottle


I have just signed up for this particular service so I am not sure how often it arrives. You can even specify your country to receive alerts pertaining to your area.  They list Australia, New Zealand, UK & Republic of Ireland, Canada and the United States to choose from. You can also choose your areas of expertise so you receive specific alerts instead of all of them.

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