When the magic pill isn’t working (+ download)

Magic pills. The quick fix. The six-figure launch. The seven-figure blueprint.

It’s no wonder many of us feel frustrated and misled. The promises and hype surrounding marketing information, and online marketing, in particular, is enough to make anyone a cynic.

Which is why I want to encourage you to pursue strategies that are proven. That’s why I’m sharing what I know works, and what I see working for my clients.

The prospect tracking tool from last week is a great example. If you missed it, enter your info below to be taken to the download.
prospect tracker

Why do I use this?
2 reasons. One, I know that where I put my energy and focus matters. When I keep track of things, I see results. Two, it’s good business. Timing is everything in the website creation business. I want to be top of mind when my clients are ready. I also want to be sure they have everything they need to make a good decision that will bring them best results.

Staying in touch works for me and for my soon-to-be clients.

How often do I reach out?

It depends. In most cases, the prospect and I have a mutually agreed to time frame for follow-up. I want to honor their process and they want to be able to rely on me getting back in touch. It’s a good method for both parties.

Every now and then it’s a new contact and I may not have a good understanding (yet) of their process or timing. In that case, I reach out as seems appropriate, initially once per week or two, to let them know I’m available when they are ready to move forward or have a preliminary conversation.

How do I develop a list like this?

This was the single most asked question which tells me that many people don’t have a prospect list or don’t know how to begin. Let’s tackle that now because it’s easier than you think.

  • Start with past clients. If they’ve hired/bought from you before, they are likely to do so again. I hope you have them on an email list and have been keeping in touch regularly. If not, it’s never too late to start.
  • Add current clients to your prospect list if you have something new to offer. Perhaps you have a new service or product coming up. Don’t assume current clients will automatically jump on board. Let them know how to connect, and perhaps offer a special incentive for their on-going business with you.
  • Referral connections. I receive referrals from past and current clients, from peers, shout outs on Facebook, my networking group, and other professional organizations where I’m an active member. All referrals are added to my prospect list so I can offer help. When someone has taken the time to refer me, I want to honor that by going the extra mile to be of service. At a minimum, I offer a free consultation call. Use the process that works for you but be sure to thank the referrer and don’t be shy about asking for referrals.
  • Now and then I hear about a business or a person that resonates with me. If that’s the case, I’ll do research to see if there might be a good fit for being referral partners or clients. If we don’t know each other, I’ll reach out to my network for an introduction. LinkedIn is great for this purpose. I don’t ask with the intention of selling to them. I just let them know I’m interested in expanding my network and I found their information compelling. Be honest and sincere. A new connection may be new business or it may open the door to another connection.

It works. Attitude is everything.

Sorry for the cliché’s but it’s true. If you take 15-30 minutes each work day to do meaningful follow up you will see results. The hardest part is getting started.

Questions? Need help? If so, click here.
prospect tracker

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