How A Marketing Plan Keeps Me Sane

Marketing planYes, a plan. A marketing plan.

One that keeps me on track and helps me focus. It also helps protect me from the new shiny thing…most days anyway.  And no, it’s not some 40-page document. This is the simplest version of a marketing plan. You’re welcome.

I’ll explain how mine works, but first a quick story.

Some of you know that I built websites almost exclusively for practitioners of a certified course. These were some of the smartest, kindest people I have ever met. Their desire was to serve and to help others truly embrace their highest potential in life.

Those words are so over-used it’s hard to really grasp the keen, fervent desire I’m talking about. That type of passion. These people weren’t playing small. They paid thousands of dollars for training, took multiple week long courses and often worked with other practitioners to continue their education.

They were serious.

But all too often I built the website, I helped them get some marketing systems in place and then – nothing.

I quickly realized that desire isn’t enough. Good intentions (while helpful) aren’t enough.

What was missing? A plan. Not a plan to do the work. They already know that and I’m sure you do too. You’re the expert at your thing. You don’t need help being a better hairdresser or massage therapist or coach.

You’ve got that part down.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”Aff9g” via=”yes” ]What you need is a plan to market what you do.[/ctt]

Here’s my bare-bones basic “gotta have it” resources followed by my lightweight, core game-plan.

A Website

I know, I know. The web designer suggesting a website feels a bit self-serving but it’s the truth.

Recently I needed to hire someone to do some landscape work at my house. I was literally looking for someone to dig a ditch. Guess where I went first. Yep. Online. I’m not alone. Google (who monitors everything we’re doing) tells us that 78% of people look for info online before most purchases. Even in store purchases. If they can’t find you online you’re missing out.

Social Media Presence

Most businesses will benefit from some social media presence. You don’t need to be everywhere. Think quality vs. quantity. How to choose? Find out where your clients (or would-be clients) hang out. Are they big Facebook users? Do they lead or participate in FB goups? Or are they more likely to browse Instagram? Do they connect via Linkedin or Twitter? Pick one place and OWN it, then move on to others if you want (or need) to.

HOT TIP! Just because someone is spouting the benefits of the latest and greatest platform, that doesn’t make it right for you. While you can build a presence on just about any platform, be sure that your precious time and efforts are going into the platform that makes the most sense for you AND the community you serve.

Email Opt In and Email Provider

At a minimum you have to have a third party provider for your emails. It keeps you legal and it insures that your emails won’t be marked as SPAM. I like ConvertKit and IContact and there are many others. Don’t skip this step. It’s the number one best way you can continue the conversation in a meaningful way on your terms.

My Plan

  • I send an email weekly. I also post it to my website and share it on social media.
  • I created a FB group and share content there 3-5 times a week. (It’s not always my content – I love sharing other info that I know will be helpful) I also answer questions and do Live videos in the group.
  • Follow up calls and emails are made weekly to people who have requested information, or who reach out to connect. (5-7 a week – depending on response)
  • I attend in-person events – at least one per month and I also participate in a women’s entrepreneur network where I can help support other business women, advertise and connect.
  • I send out one guest post pitch per month and I pitch to media when appropriate (I aim for once a month but it’s not always that often)
  • I also collaborate with a business partner who leverages her audience with my info when it’s appropriate.

~Keep in mind that this is my plan. When I work my plan, it works for me and my community. When I get side-tracked with shiny objects and/or everyday life interruptions, my results suffer. It is evident #EveryTime I step away from my plan. And the results are just as evident when I stick to the plan #EveryTime.

Your plan may very well look different than my plan and that is perfectly fine.

I’d be happy to help you create a plan that works for you. Don’t let fear of technology or the fear of having a loose schedule (yes, creatives I’m talking to you) keep you from doing this. It will end up SAVING you time and energy because you can do the activities that will have the greatest impact vs. a little of this and a little of that with little to show for it.

Let’s talk!

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