Maybe…What If?

Maybe...what if?Self-talk.  We all engage in it.  When was the last time you took the time to actually listen to the dialogue you have with yourself.

“I could never do what she’s doing.”

“I’m always late.”

“I might as well eat another donut; I’m going to end up looking like my mom either way.”

“Who did I think I was to think I might get that raise?”

“I’m so dumb!  I keep making the same mistakes.”

“I guess I deserved that.”

“If only I were _________ (fill in the blank-smarter, prettier, richer, younger, older, skinnier, etc), I could have what I want.”

“I bet they’ll pick Joe over me for that promotion.”

The conversation is never-ending and of course it’s not all negative.  That’s just what we’re looking at today.  Are you a passive participant or do you challenge what you’re telling yourself?

Thoughts are simply ideas that float in and out of your mind.  At the point that you choose to embrace a thought and make it your truth, it becomes your belief.  Yes, it’s a choice albeit not always a conscious choice.  We then begin to gather evidence to support whatever that truth is.  It’s the way our minds work.

“I forgot my proposal on my desk, now I’m going to be late for the meeting.  Grrr, I always do this.  When will I learn?  See? You’re late again…just like always.”

I believe we have the power to turn it around.  I believe that when we stop and ask ourselves a few questions, amazing results are right around the corner.  Even ask yourself out loud sometimes. “Who told me that? When did I begin believing it? Is that true?”  If we can even muster up a “Maybe it’s not true, maybe I can do that, maybe I am enough” imagine how our whole world shift!  Possibilities abound!

I challenge you to tune in to your self-talk over the next week.  Notice. Listen.  Challenge.   Will you choose to believe something different?  What if you believed you could…

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