Missing Opt-In

where is your opt-in?You went to all of the trouble to get me to your website and now what?

Were you hoping for a one hit wonder?

We’ve met and I may be a little intrigued.

How do you expect for us to stay in touch?

Okay, I might bookmark your site but that’s no guarantee that I’ll be back. I mean to, but let’s be honest. With the number of things screaming for my attention, it’s more likely I will be voted Miss Teenage America and that opportunity passed me by many, many moons ago.

You want to continue to build the relationship, right?

Most people will opt-in, meaning give you their name and email address in exchange for something. Not just any something, it has to be of interest to your audience and offer a solution of some kind. You did sign up for this report didn’t you? What prompted you to do that?

Your opt-in offer can be a free report, recording, video, gift or anything else you think will be valuable to the community you wish to grow.

There are a number of Email Marketing Service providers available to serve your needs. I recommend iContact*. The ease of use, reporting capabilities and level of customer service are fabulous. Whichever service you choose, put it into use sooner rather than later. I have never heard a successful business person say they wish they would have waited to grow their list.

Remember…if you don’t have a list, you’re out of business!

Excerpted from the free report End Website Shame. If you missed other tips or would like the entire report, click here.

*I only recommend and have affiliate relationships with companies I trust to deliver the best experience for my clients and visitors. iContact is one of those companies.

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