Money Making Pillars

Your Money Making Pillars

Break Through Your Income Plateau for Good!


The missing income-producing foundation you've likely overlooked

No more wondering what to focus on to bring in more cash! This checklist will tell you EXACTLY which pieces of your business to work on so you can streamline your operations, clarify your mission, and make more money doing it.  

If you're ready to break through your income plateau and FINALLY get organized, use this checklist to solidify the areas of your business that affect your profits the most. 

Get your copy and start building right away!

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Hi, I'm Teresa!

It's not uncommon to see business owners desperately searching for a solution to what they think the problem is and yet not realize they are treating a symptom instead of the giant (absolutely fixable) hole that's sinking their ship.

I work with female online business owners who are focused on hitting their first six-figures in their business and help them structure their business so they can get there quicker. In this checklist, I cover the foundational areas of business that allow you to identify the areas that are costing you time and money as well as slowing down your momentum.

The online world has been my “office” for 12+ years and I've loved almost every minute of it. Having had the privilege of working with hundreds of incredible online business owners around the world, I've honed my skills of being able to assess where they are, hear where they want to go, and help them create the plan that will get them there.