How an Online Project Manager Can Get Your Business Unstuck

Virtual assistant, online business manager, online project manager…you’ve heard all these terms, but do you know what they mean?  

What’s the difference between these three professionals, and which one do you need?  

I’ve written about the virtual assistant vs online business manager dilemma before. Here’s how to know if you’re ready for an OBM 

Let’s take a minute to look more in-depth at this business wizard who can help you gain traction on your next great idea: the online project manager. 

What is an online project manager and what do they do?  

A project manager takes ownership for managing a large project like a course creation and launch, podcast launch, or a website launch to name a few. 

While OBMs manage ongoing business operations, project managers come on temporarily, typically for a few months at a time or until the project is completed.  

A project manager oversees the entire project and all the processes that go into it.  

Imagine this: You hand over a massive idea to a project manager, and they come back with lots of neat little to-do lists for you and everyone on the team. That way, nothing falls through the cracks. 

Just a little while ago, you were trying to figure out where to start. Now everyone has action steps that will actually get the ball rolling on your dream project, timeline and all! How cool is that?  

It’s a lot more productive than looking at your computer screen, googling project plans, and wondering what you may be missing.  

And it gets better.  

Project Managers outline and set up the systems and resources you’ll need to get it all done.  

Project Managers get you over that hump of figuring out where to start and how to get organized. They help you skip straight to the doing and take care of the parts you don’t like, don’t want to do, and aren’t good at.  


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Project Managers create the timeline. They make sure everything is created on time and with time to test it all before it goes live. 

In addition to keeping things on track, Project Managers come up with creative solutions when things threaten to derail your progress. 

They manage so you can create.  

Not only is your project moving forward, but you’re only doing the parts you WANT to do. All that other stuff you didn’t know how to do and didn’t want to do or learn to do?

It's been outsourced and managed for you, leaving you with the fun parts or at the very least, the things you are great at.  

Project managers plan out the timeline, figure out who needs to do what, and delegate those tasks. 

Sounds pretty dreamy, right? 

They wrap everything up neatly for you.  

When the project is complete and your work together is over, your project manager will leave behind organized systems and processes so you and your team can continue where they left off.  

This might look like new databases, a neat setup in a project management program like Teamwork, a collection of SOPs, etc.  

Do you need an online project manager? 

Project managers help you get a big project off the ground and into the stratosphere, then hand you the reins once everything is moving on its own.  

If you’re still toying with the idea of working with a project manager, ask yourself this:  

Is there a big project you’ve been meaning to get to, but you’re just too overwhelmed? Do you want to create an awesome new product like a library with all of your offerings or a high-end, year-long course? Do you want to launch a fancy new website?  

Those projects are massive, and they have a lot of different pieces to keep track of. Especially when you’re already running a business. These projects also usually require a team of people, and a team requires managing. 

Who has time to handle these new projects when you’re just trying to keep up?  

A project manager gets all those little pieces organized and delegated so you don’t have to spend a ton of time and energy managing when you need to be creating and envisioning.  

The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox Project Management 

Project management is one of my favorite things. I can help you get organized, break down the big tasks into simple to-dos, assign them to your existing team or hand them off to my amazing team.  

That big, glorious thing you’ve been wanting to do? We can help you make it real, so much faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible!  

Sound good? Let’s talk.  

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