PR is Opening Doors

pr opens doorsI often see articles asking about the definition of PR. Here’s one I like: “PR is opening doors.”

What does this mean? As part of a worthwhile PR effort, media relations factors in, in a big way. Media relations opens doors for companies to get the word out about their product or service, raising their visibility and drawing customers their way. A skilled PR practitioner will contact the media on a company’s behalf. If the pitch is good and the timing is right, the reporter will respond. Thus, the door is open for that reporter to get to know the company and in the best case scenario, write about that company.

Previously, I posted an excellent article on PR from Forbes that talked about PR “disasters” that should be avoided That article had a great line about planting seeds in the reporter’s head. Whether it’s planting seeds or opening doors, PR paves the way for coverage to happen. Will it always take place? Unfortunately, the truth is no. But if a well-worded pitch finds its way to a reporter who may potentially write about your company and he responds, the door is open. While PR doesn't guarantee a company coverage, working with the right PR expert can open those doors for you to walk through.

Once you have that opportunity, be sure you’re armed with what you need to walk through that door and hopefully, on to the page.

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