Q1 Review…How did you do?

It’s April and you know what that means! Time to take a short break and look back at the first quarter of 2016.

How are things going? I like to use this template to do a quick evaluation so I can make changes for things that aren’t working and celebrate the things that are. You can simply pop these column names in an Excel sheet and adjust them to the width that works for you. Feel free to add columns that make sense for you, for example Beginning Status and Current Results.

If you intuitively know that you haven't achieved the results you were after, it’s tempting to start from scratch or refuse to take time to reflect. It’s human nature to be attached to our goals and even the way that we do things. There is nothing wrong with that except when it’s not working. If you aren’t making measurable progress. it’s time to re-think either the goal or the strategy to get there. Sometimes it’s okay to change both those things.

[Tweet “The “magic” if you will, is taking the time to actually do the measuring!”]


If you’ve had a goal to bring in $_____ in revenue and you aren’t close, then you’ve got to take a quick snapshot of what’s working and what isn’t so you can course correct and improve.

Quarterly Review Template

This helps provide you with the ability to hyper-focus on specific tasks and projects. Great athletes, leaders and entrepreneurs have this in common. It’s part of the reason we are comfortable with a bit more risk/reward in our lives than others.

But at times, that focus may mean we’re spending energy on things that aren’t giving us the payback we deserve. It happens to everyone.

Often it’s hard to see the leaks in our own business. We are so close to the day to day that we can’t see the big picture when we need to. I’ve been there. From time to time in my own business I’ve had a trusted advisor who could take an objective look at things and help me see where I could improve and help me celebrate how far I’d come.

Which brings me to another key element. CELEBRATE!! This is just as important. Because there’s always something else to be done, we often don’t stop to appreciate the progress we’ve made. It’s not just a task to be crossed off the list. It’s achievement.

You know the saying anything worth doing is worth doing well? I think it should say, “Anything worth doing is worth celebrating when accomplished.” Join Kool & The Gang to help you get started…

Feel like there's nothing to celebrate…I would totally disagree! After I help you find a few things to celebrate, we can uncover some of the leaks and set you up for even more fulfilling achievements and celebration!!

I’m here if you’d like to make sure Q2 is your best ever! Feel free to schedule a time for us to connect.

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