When “ready or not” becomes bring it on!

We're wrapping up the first, albeit short, week of 2017. How's it going? How's next week looking? Are you ready?

I heard some kids playing outside the other day and one of them yelled “ready or not, here I come!”

Which got me thinking. What does being ready really mean? Not in the hide-n-seek game (although it seems obvious that hidden would be better than not hidden) but in my day-to-day running of my business.

What if you embraced ready as a mindset?

  • Ready for more.
  • Ready for success.
  • Ready for things to come easily.
  • Ready for the right resources to show up.
  • Ready for great clients who love working with you.
  • Ready to see all the things you've been working on pay off.

That's what getting your next 5 clients (maybe your 1st five?) takes.

Being ready.

Working prepared.

Expecting your efforts to bear fruit.

If this type of idea is new to you, I realize it may seem a bit out there. I understand completely. We've been told for so long that success takes struggle and hard work and dues-paying and sweat and magical thinking and knowing the right people and using the right tools on social media and on and on.

But you get it, right? Underlying everything is being ready, doing things on purpose, not just winging it.

Recently I heard someone say “Achievement takes effort. Not struggle.”

What if you stopped struggling and changed to a new mindset?

I encourage you to embrace ready.

  • Put in the effort.
  • Do the things you know need doing.
  • Make the follow-up calls.
  • Get your website working properly.
  • Put a Buy Now button on your services so I can pay you.
  • Gather your new client information and have it ready to send out.

These are just some of the ways to let the universe know you're ready.

Do the work.


This isn't a substitute for taking action.

It's the fuel to make the actions amount to sales.



That's what getting your next 5 clients is all about.

Taking action.

Being ready.

I'm doing a webinar, Landing Your Next 5 Clients: Setting the stage, on January 17th where I'll share some concrete exercises that will help you land your next 5 clients. You can click here to register. I'll even make sure you have a worksheet prior to the webinar.

In the meantime…On your mark, get set…

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